Mattsson - Another Dimension

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Lion Music
Catalog Number: LMC 2001 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 70:07:00

Mattsson is guitarist Lars Eric Mattsson and vocalist Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore). As I was reviewing the compilation sampler from Lion Music, I kept thinking that Lodin's singing was very similar to someone else's. While listening to Baltimoore's Original Sin, I thought of a gruffer Rod Stewart, but in listening to Another Dimension it came to me: Ian Gillan, one time (or was twice) vocalist with Deep Purple. But, if you also think of a harsher Glenn Hughes, especially the bluesy aspects in Lodin's voice, then you should have fairly good idea of what I'm hearing. Overall it's ballsy, but it doesn't have enough production umph to be really threatening, though "Burn The Witch" comes close. This track is metal in the Jag Panzer, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth mold. P?r Lindh provides the keyboards, as he also does on the title track, "In Both Ends," "Wait For The Angels," and "Save Our Souls" (mellotron and grand piano in this case).

Along with Mattsson (who also plays bass and keys) and Lodin, there's Eddie Sledgehammer on drums and percussion and Ella Grussner and Cockie Sarling on backing vocals. Grussner we know or will know from Condition Red also plays a beautiful violin on "Angel Blue." On various tracks are guests - Patrick Rondat on the blusier-than-average-bluesy-metal "Crash And Burn," Erik Norlander (Rocket Scientists/Lana Lane) on keyboards on the hangbanging worthy "Don't' Chain My Mind," Rob Johnson playing fiery solos on "Burning My Soul."

"Angel Blue" opens with violin and guitar, light percussion and then Lodin. Balladic with a "heavenly" chorus (as in choir) -- Shadow Gallery are who I think of in terms of style and structure. With "Don't Lose Your Patience" I thought of Yes a little bit, interestingly enough, though certainly you can guess that Lodin doesn't sound like Anderson (unless the latter has been on a three-day bender and asked to perform at 3 a.m. with no warm up). There is something about the gentle, slightly southwestern arrangement that seems so...acoustic Yes. The title track is an instrumental guitar piece that features some very good soloing from Mattsson, who plays quite deftly, playing speedy runs without unnecessary flash or arrogance.

"Memory Lane" is the mid-tempo AOR rocker that seems out of time (as at times much of the music does). It could have been hit a decade ago or so, alongside a group like Great White or such. "Cry No More" sounds strangely like the Men At Work pop-classic "Down Under" at first, with its bright, upbeat guitar phrases, the almost dance like percussion. The muscular chorus takes it into a different direction, of course. But there is quite a nice sax solo from Esa Pietila that comes towards the end that gives the track a bit of jazz feel for a moment. Not due to the fact of the instrument, often associated with jazz, but to the sound and style of it. It's not perfect but it adds an extra something.

Overall I like the album and find Lodin's vocals okay, but it also all seems to run together, the only respite being "Angel Blue" and "Don't Lose Your Patience." Only "Road Of Babylon," which otherwise seems like an ordinary rocker overall, is the one track where the music and chorus are stuck in my head. But, nothing sticks out for me, other than the guest spots and a few Mattsson solos here and there. What is amazing is how much the band pack into such small spaces - the tracks rarely breach five and half minutes, the longest being the 5:56 "Burning My Soul;" the opener "Hell" is just under four minutes.

Hell (3:54) / Crash And Burn (5:10) / Angel Blue (4:17) / Burn The Witch (5:56) / Burning My Soul (5:28) / Don't Lose Your Patience (4:02) / Another Dimension (5:52) / Road Of Babylon (4:39) / In Both Ends (5:34) / Save Our Souls (5:14) / Memory Lane (4:48) / Wait For The Angels (4:42) / Cry No More (5:15)

Lars Eric Mattsson - guitars, bass, and keyboards
Bj?rn Lodin - vocals
Eddie Sledgehammer - drums and percussion
Ella Grussner - backing vocals; violin (4)
Cockie Sarling - backing vocals


Patrick Rondat - guitar solos (2)
Erik Nolander - synth solo (3)
Rob Johnson - guitar solos (6)
P?r Lindh - hammond (5, 8, 10, 13); grang piano and mellotron (11)
Esa Pietila - sax (14)

Another Dimension (2000)
Power Games (2003) War (2005)

Genre: Melodic Rock-AOR

Origin FI

Added: July 26th 2001
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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