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Description: Genesis tribute band "[p]roviding the magic that Genesis are, to those who love and miss the real thing."
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 1054
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  Gambale, Frank 
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 947
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  Gabriel, Peter 
Description: Mostly doing electronic rock, the former Genesis member has proven quite adapt at soundtrack / ambient styles as well.
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 940
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Description: Symphonic progressive from Spain, influenced somewhat by Genesis and classical music - great stuff.
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 898
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  Galactic Cowboys 
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 805
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Description: Swedish progressive rock refered to by at least one person (Syn-phonic's Greg Walker) as " Swedish Rush with a dose of 'tron."
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 799
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Description: In phase one, an inventive originator of what we know now as progressive rock - the so-called Gabriel years; in phase two, progressive pop at the beginning, soon leaving the progressive part behind and becoming pop - the so called Collins-years; phase three? The short-lived Wilson years (year?)... in 2006 rumours circulate(d) that the (a) original line up of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett might reunite...
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 756
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Description: Consistently interesting UK neo-progressive band, now adding a bit of techno to their sound.
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 752
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  Garcia, Al 
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 743
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Description: Late 60s/early 70s progressive rock band from the UK, who released two albums (Strange Pleasure, New Dawn).
Added on: 25-Oct-2006 Hits: 735
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