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One World Tapestry artwork (© Musea/One World Tapestry)In the wake of devestating earthquake and tsunami that struck southern Asia on December 26, 2004, Australian disc jockey Andrew Holborn, of the program "3rd Ear," embarked on a project to bring together progressive world music artists from around the globe to participate in a benefit CD, the proceeds of which were to go directly to The International Red Cross and their relief efforts.

Andrew first approached Colin Bass of Camel and Peter Lindahl of In The Labyrinth about putting together a benefit CD featuring music from artists around the world in genre of "progressive world music," as Andrew terms it. Other contacts soon followed - Attila Kollar of the Hungarian band Solaris; Håkan Almkvist of the Swedish bands Orient Squeezers and Ensemble Nimbus; Steve Warner, an Australian musician; and many others that appear on this CD. Knowing the type of material released by France's Musea Records, he approached Bernard Gueffier, President and General Manager, about producing and manufacturing the CD.

At the same time, Andrew approached publisher and contributing editor Stephanie Sollow for feedback and suggestions. Through her, Steve Unruh (US) was asked to be part of the project. And she offered to design and host this website.

The process of assembling this special CD took many months, and in the meantime, the International Red Cross and many other aid agencies closed their tsunami relief campaigns. But, there was still a need for aid in another part of the world - the African nation of Chad which is absorbing refugees leaving the neighboring nation of Sudan. You can read more about the International Red Cross' efforts to aid these refugees here:

Labels to distribute this project are currently being arranged, but already includes Larry Kolota of Kinesis in the US and Musea Records in Europe.

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