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March 27, 2008

We've now set up a MySpace page for the One World Tapestry cd, all profits of which go to the Red Cross Appeal for Sudanese Refugees. It's at We've posted some musical excerpts there for you to listen to. Tracks will be rotating so you'll have a chance to sample the whole album. There's also 4 reviews and CD stores from which make you can make purchases, listed in Andrew's blogs.

August 18, 2007

Just a brief item to direct your attention to a pair of reviews published at ProgArchives, which can be found at:

[If you find any other reviews out there, please let us know; you can email us at or - webmaster]

May 5, 2007

We are pleased to announce the release of the One World Tapestry compilation CD produced by Musea Records (cat. no: FGBG 4714). Writes Andrew Holborn, who initiated the project, "The CD features symphonically styled folk/rock from around the planet. Well, labels are hard to find to describe music that persistently cross genres; as most tracks do on this release - have a listen yourselves. Buy a copy because Musea will be giving all profits to the International Red Cross Sudanese Refugees appeal.

"This is a 'fair dinkum' (as Aussies say) venture. Musea will be keeping all musicians up to date with statements about monies collected and profits placed in a trust account."

Order from Musea Records directly here:

February 12, 2006

For those of you who don't know about it, I think its now time to let you know that a compilation CD, produced by Musea Records in France is due to be released in the first half of this year. The CD will be titled One World Tapestry!!

Many very highly talented musicians from around the world have contributed to this CD. It was originally conceived to contribute money to help rebuild those countries affected by the Tsunami. However, many charities were over-subscribed by May of 2005 when we had the CD mastered.

So the musicians and organisers decided to just contribute the money to the Red Cross, with money to be contributed to whatever international humanitarian funds they saw as most needy. This allows the CD to have on-going benefit as world needs change!!

Sadly, negotiations with the Red Cross have progressed very slowly but an agreement in principle was reached a few months ago. All we await now is for their lawyers to put this to writing and Musea will be able to proceed with the release.

It has been easy for me to feel very frustrated (and a little angry) about these delays but I have the feeling that many of those employed by charities are very over-worked. As the public have clamoured for less and less money to be spent by charities on their adminstrative costs, it has placed a greater workload on few shoulders. This may not be the most effective way of using our monetry contributions ... just my thought on the matter ...

The music on One World Tapestry is best described as progressive folk/rock and was carefully selected to display both sombre and joyful feelings. There is much more information at the website:

Andrew Holborn

As published at November 28, 2005

Hi. You may be wondering what has become of the One World Tapestry project I spoke about and have a very small involvement in. It is still happening, and should be released through Musea very soon. As we mention on the website - - most charitable organizations closed their tsunami aide appeals before we had finalized our project. The current plan is to aid Sudanese refugees, an issue that for the most part has received little attention. Some specifics are still being finalized, but watch this space and the One World Tapestry website for updates. Of course, if you've not heard of this project, visit the official website to read about the folks behind the project, who will appear on the CD, and more. By the way, my mentioning this update close on the heels of the above item from NEARfest Records isn't intended to compete, but theirs served to remind me that I'd not been updating you all on this project. I hope you'll spare a little of your money to aid in both causes.

[Source: Stephanie Sollow - PW publisher/contrib.. ed/webmaster One World Tapestry]

Exerpt from More Than Mere Words column in Progression Magazine, issue #48

The third of these projects, One World Tapestry (, was instigated by Australian DJ Andrew Holborn, with advice from Peter Lindahl (In The Labyrinth) and myself. The CD features tracks from a number of progressive music and progressive world music artists, the proceeds of which will go directly to The International Red Cross and their relief efforts. Artists included on the CD are progressive folk artist Steve Unruh; Sabah Habas Mustapha and The Jugala Allstars (Sabah Habas is also known as Colin Bass of Camel); Attila KollÓr and Rˇbert Erdész of Solaris; Brainstorm (from Australia) with a track from their forthcoming album; Ensemble Nimbus; Jose Luiz Fernandez Ledesma, Vital Duo, Pošos Y Nuvens, and Peter Lindahl, among others. Says Holborn, "I have run a weekly radio show called 3rd Ear for four years. On it I play what I call 'global progressive music' [which includes many of the artists on this CD]. I felt greatly moved to try and do something about the current catastrophe which has reached all of southern Asia, parts of Africa and through tourism, Sweden and all of Europe. I have been, like all the people in the world, disturbed by the news of so many lives lost and so many livelihoods lost. After contacting some musician friends, I realized that perhaps my dream of releasing a CD of world flavoured progressive music could become a reality." The CD is being financed and distributed by Musea Records ( along with other distribution outlets in various countries (see the website for a list), and should be available by the time you read this.

[To read the complete column and all the other goodies in Progression Magazine, visit to subscribe and order back issues.]

As published at January 25, 2005:


The third project is untitled at press time. Australian DJ Andrew Holborn, of the show "3rd Ear" organized this project, featuring many progressive world artists including Colin Bass, Peter Lindahl, Attila Kollar, Steve Unruh, Vital Duo, and more. The CD will be released by Musea Records, with distribution in the UK, Europe, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. A website will be opening soon, hosted by, so watch this space for more information.

[Source: Stephanie Sollow - PW publisher/contrib.. ed/webmaster One World Tapestry]

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