Filoritmia - Filoritmia

Year of Release: 2000
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:27:00

A short look at the track times of Filoritmia's debut should more than suffice as hint that the record is indeed a progressive rock album. True, there are no insanely extended tracks like the ones found on, say, Yes' Relayer, but Filoritmia still lengthens its songs to durations that most pop and rock acts would shy away from in fear of losing any possible radio play, which normally acts as an unavoidable factor of seduction for progfreaks. What's more, the album is considerably diverse while being held together by a very solid coherence, a fact that would make this record sell like pancakes if only Filoritmia got a bit more publicity and sacrificed its own sound, which would not be a good thing.

And when I say that it would not be a good thing, it is because Filoritmia's sound is deeply anchored in solid instrumental complementation, a relatively accessible approach, passionate melodic vocals, and, above all, songs. One shouldn't expect the incessant theme changes and rapid-fire passages that are normally expected of progressive rock bands, but rather songs that resound with a unique identity and center on a specific mood with a focus that is unshakable. The instrumentation present throughout the album is thus reminiscent of more traditional rock structures, which are nevertheless adorned with some excellent progressive arrangements and extended to fit the emotional development of each single track. Even then, however, the more traditional approach is somewhat of a fa?ade, as elements of jazz, blues, funk, metal, and classical music keep appearing throughout the record's course.

The album's highlights would probably be the deliciously funky "La Mappa Del Tempo," the dramatic "Rapporto Occasionale," and the dynamic "Al Buio," which suddenly explodes with a Thin Lizzy-like melody before eventually moving into Giorgio Mele's melodramatic vocals. The entire record, however, is a good bet for those who are attracted to "commercial" progressive rock and the delicately passionate emotions that the Italian language conveys so appropriately. Filoritmia even managed to remind me of Mexican rock greats Fobia and Caifanes in an indirect manner, and, if anything, that's a very good sign; one indicative of a unique style. One has to appreciate what the band did with this album, turning it into a contagious, accessible, and yet challenging experience. Here's to the Italians!

Al Buio (7:15) / Rapporto Occasionale (6:51) / Il Mago (9:51) / Fiato Sul Collo (8:52) / La Mappa Del Tempo (4:52) / Dirti Di No (6:45) / Per Essere Felici (5:45) / Questo Inferno (9:08) / Anima (6:21) / Epoca Lontana (7:38)

Matteo Scarparo - bass
Antonio Mazzucchelli - drums
Roberto Riccardi - guitars
Angelo D'Ariano - keyboards
Giorgio Mele - vocals

Filoritmia (2000)
Passaggi (2009)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin IT

Added: August 25th 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
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