All items sent for review will be considered. When sending items (preferably on CD), please include a bio and contact address. For general inquiries, editorial matters, link exchanges/problems, advertising, etc, please contact Stephanie Sollow, publisher/contributing editor, at

Note: UPS, FedEx, etc. cannot deliver to PO boxes in the US.

CD Submissions

All CD (or CD-like) submissions should be sent to the following address:

P O BOX 1476
GLENDORA CA 91740-1476

(please include my name, as the post office is sometimes picky if it only has the business name; especially if the package is from outside the US)

Review Submissions

All submission requests (i.e., you want your review/interview published) should come to the following email address:

All submissions will be considered, but submission doesn't guarantee publication. But before you send your submission, please make sure that what you are reviewing will fit into this site. We aren't prog snobs here, but have drawn a line at rap, country, and pop... but, you know, Radiohead, Muse, etc. are fine; and uh... even the less sugary smooth jazz, so... you know.

Plus, we've got guidelines. You don't have to like what you are reviewing (and eschew pretending to), but don't attack the artist personally (no ad hominem attacks, that is). And really, we also draw the line at anything that is overly brutal in concept or lyrics (more so with the extreme metal stuff than with the symphonic prog stuff, naturally). We're not prudes, but honestly, songs that glorify and seem to advocate violence against women, children, men, old people, animals, etc. has no place here. I know these subjects come up in lyrics - e.g. Discipline's "Nursery Years" or uh, the non-prog band "Janie's Got A Gun"... but neither advocates or glorifies the abuse. Not to belabor a point.

If you are looking to send items to Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, please visit As Keith is syndicated, his reviews appear in various publications in addition to

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