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CD/DVD Releases: Oliver Wakeman DVD Coming To Town In June

Posted on Sunday, May 25 @ 00:15:45 UTC by nightowl

As previously announced Metal Mind Productions will release the first live DVD by Oliver Wakeman Band entitled Coming To Town ? Live In Katowice.

Oliver, the oldest son of Rick Wakeman (Yes), is a great prog-rock musician known for his many artistic collaborations, including the one with Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Arena, Neo, Caamora) which resulted in the creation of two genuine masterpieces of the genre: Jabberwocky and The Hound Of The Baskervilles. Oliver Wakeman already has a cult status in the progressive rock community. His latest studio project ? an album entitled Mother's Ruin from 2005 - marks a progression in Wakeman?s musical career. The album sees a change in direction from Oliver?s recent instrumental releases and draws heavily both from his progressive roots and also the experience performing live with his band. It's a collection of hard-edged yet melodic songs, showcasing Wakeman?s writing skills. The album also allows room for the dynamic instrumentation which has become a trademark of his work. In mid March 2008 Yes confirmed their world-wide tour with Oliver Wakeman taking the position of the keyboardist.

Coming To Town ? Live in Katowice DVD is an extraordinary mixture of progressive and symphonic rock, spiced up with intriguing sounds, performed live with both charisma and perfection!

Oliver Wakeman comments: "In October last year, my band and I were invited to perform in Poland by Metal Mind Productions. The show took place in a beautiful old Theater in Katowice and was filmed for the Coming To Town DVD. The band and I had a wonderful time meeting so many new friends and really enjoyed our visit, we also put on a performance which we were all very proud of. Metal Mind have done a wonderful in job capturing the essence of the concert and hopefully watching the DVD will give the people who didn't attend a chance to experience it. And for those who did attend, hopefully it will bring back memories of a great evening - I know it does for me!"

The band performed in the following line-up: Oliver Wakeman (keyboards, piano), Paul Manzi (vocals), David Mark Pearce (guitar), Paul Brown (bass) and Dave Wagstaffe (drums). The DVD includes an interview with Oliver Wakeman, photo gallery, biography, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and more! DVD is also available in a limited swing case edition, including a bonus audio CD with songs recorded during the gig at the theater.

Coming To Town ? Live In Katowice DVD will be available on 9th June 2008 in Europe and 10th June 2008 in USA (via MVD). But today you can see a sneak preview of the DVD. Track "Mother?s Ruin" is available on the official Metal Mind Productions? site on YouTube: www.youtube.com/profile?user=MetalMindPoland

[Source: Metal Mind]

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