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CD/DVD Releases: Galahad Glad To Announce Double Live Album

Posted on Thursday, October 29 @ 00:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Galahad are proud to announce the release of a double live album 'Sleepless In Phoenixville ? RoSfest Live (GHCD10) which was recorded at ROSfest 2007.

The album is a double CD that has not been edited at all, you literally get the whole concert including all the inter song waffle!! It is as it was, i.e. no editing, reparation or auto tune!!! Consequently, it hopefully captures the spirit and momentum of a triumphant debut Galahad concert in the USA.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the audience who made us feel so welcome over the duration of this wonderful festival of progressive music.

The track listing is:

I Could Be God
Year Zero (parts 1 to 4)
Bug Eye

Lady Messiah
Exorcising Demons
Empires Never Last
This Life Could Be My Last

Sleepless In Phoenixville is released on and available from Oskar Productions (www.oskar-cd.com.pl). Email: progrock (at) oskar-cd.com.pl. Galahad also have a limited number of copies available for purchase, email: band (at) galahadonline.com

And now for the serious bit?

We also ask that you buy the album and do not download it for free from one of dozens of illegal torrent sites that invariably will end obtaining the album, as this is wilful theft. We also believe that this practice only serves to jeopardise the existence of smaller, poorer bands and will stifle the creation of original new music in the long run. Unfortunately we do not have the resources of bands Pink Floyd, Queen, Genesis etc!!

However, we also believe that the internet is a great, positive way to promote music in general as long as bands are respected and music is paid for by consumers as is the case with any other ?product? that has creative costs attached to it. So there!!!!

Love and hugs

[Source: Galahad; photo: Galahad @ RF 2007 (? Stephanie Sollow)]

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