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CD/DVD Releases: The Barstool Philosophers Release Debut ''Sparrows''

Posted on Thursday, October 29 @ 05:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The Barstool Philosophers, a symphonic rock group from The Netherlands, has just released their debut-album Sparrows.

Current line up and other (ex-)bands of each member:

Vocals: Leon Brouwer (ex-Isolation), bass; Bas Hoebink (ex-Symmetry), keys; Ren? Kroon (Sun Caged, ex-Stigmatheist, ex-Lack Of Hope), drums; Martin Kuipers (INRI, Gate6, Mystrez, ex-Harrow, ex-Symmetry, ex-Change Of Seasons), guitars; Ivo Poelman (ex-Gracious Souls).

TBP is originally founded in 1997 as a sort of a jam band by Martin Kuipers, Ren? Kroon, Ivo Poelman and Mark Portier. They had no real ambitions, they just liked playing together and make music with no ?boundaries." The ambitions changed when first Leon Brouwer and in 2004 Bas Hoebink joined the band. Leon's great voice combined with his story to tell and Bas' awesome fretless bass playing lifted the music to a higher level.

From that moment on they decided to get more serious and to write the music fitting to Leon's story and ... to record it. Well finally, here is the end result!

Sparrows was recorded and produced by Ren? Kroon and The Barstool Philosophers and tells the story of a marriage falling apart, a man leaving his wife and the world of emotions and events he ends up in.

It contains 9 tracks:

- Afterglow
- Silence
- Lies
- Dreamscape
- Eyes Show The Heart
- Descendents Of The Fall
- Fallen Angels
- Endless Seasons
- Away From Here

Listen to a trailer of Sparrows here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_GLhJB3z3s or at the homepages of TBP at www.thebarstoolphilosophers.com and www.myspace.com/thebarstoolphilosophers.

To order the album please visit the official homepage of TBP: www.thebarstoolphilosophers.com.

[Source: The Barstool Philosopher]

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