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Other: New Items Added To On-Going eBay Auction For Humanity Thru Music

Posted on Thursday, July 08 @ 23:00:00 UTC by nightowl

New items have been added to the on-going eBay Auction for Humanity Thru Music - In Benefit of Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary -- Signed guitar and custom stage clothes from the legendary Steve Vai and monster bassist Blasko of Ozzy Osbourne have been added to the eBay auction.

Besides the love of music, rockstars have a soft spot for our four legged furry friends. With the help from so many artists and actors with their charitable donations of instruments and signed memorabilia, Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary comes closer to breaking ground in the next year for the first fully solar and wind powered, no-kill animal sanctuary. The sanctuary will also provide the community with a low-cost animal clinic, education and cultural center.

Currently on the eBay auction block sits legendary ax-slinger Steve Vai?s custom made silver outfit by famed rockstar couturier Terri King. It was worn on the Ultra Zone tour in the late 90s. Also Steve Vai has signed a black Ibanez up for auction with the thanks to the help of Ibanez ? With the help from Brian Ball of Ernie Ball we also have a bass signed by Ozzy Osbourne's bassologist Rob Blasko Nicholson ? GO BID NOW!!!!! shop.ebay.com/furfeather/m.html

Adding in the next week to the auction will be a signed Ibanez guitars one from Paul Gilbert and a Schecter Diamond Series guitar signed by horror icons Tyler Mane (Michael Myers/Halloween 1&2) and Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th). More items coming!! Keep an eye out for additions of cool signed memorabilia from your favorite rockstars!! All items come with signed letters of authentication for your collection!

Did you know?

- Between four million and six million pets are euthanized every year because they are homeless.
- An animal in a shelter is killed every 1.5 seconds.
- Only one animal in 10 born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime.
- There is a direct correlation between animal abuse and neglect and child abuse and neglect.

Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) that was organized exclusively for charitable, and educational purposes, more specifically for helping homeless and un-wanted animals with medical care, adoption in a no-kill safe environment.

For more information go to www.furfeather.org (almost finished) or visit them on Facebook now! Just search for Fur & Feather Animals Sanctuary and look for the happy Pit-bull~ To donate to the cause use Paypal and email to donations@furfeather.org or email to get address to send checks~

[Source: VQPR]

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