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CD/DVD Releases: New York Orchestral Rock Band Edensong To Release New CD In August

Posted on Saturday, July 17 @ 21:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Following their successful festival appearances at Progday (Chapel Hill, NC) and Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival (Pittsburgh, PA) in 2009, Edensong returned to the studio in the fall with a new lineup. The result of their work is Echoes Of Edensong: From The Studio And Stage, a full length, specially priced, part studio, part live album. The album, nearly an hour in duration, is comprised of brand new studio recordings, un-released live tracks from the band's various festival performances (including a bonus track from Qu?bec City's Convention Terra Incognita), and a re-master, from mastering legend Bob Katz, of a song originally intended for inclusion on the band's critically acclaimed 2008 debut The Fruit Fallen, but never officially released.

The new album features two fantastical original paintings from New Jersey artist Alison Silva (www.alisonsilva.com), a perfect counterpart to the music of Edensong. The new album will be available on CD and as a digital download on August 10th from the band's website (www.edensongtheband.com) and many other retailers, both in the US and internationally.

"Beneath The Tide," the ten minute opening track of Echoes Of Edensong is the album's central composition and a retrospective look at the band's deceptively long history. The song was originally written by Edensong singer/guitarist James Byron Schoen in 1997 with then band mates and fellow high school freshmen Anthony Waldman and Benjamin Wigler. The song was initially recorded in 1999 by the trio's progressive metal band Echoes of Eden for their debut album of the same name. The band's impromptu reunion onstage at 3RP in August 2009 and the subsequent integration of Waldman into Edensong as the band's permanent drummer inspired Edensong to re-orchestrate, re-arrange and re-record this band and fan favorite. "No matter how many songs I write, I'm quite certain that I'll always have a special fondness for 'Beneath The Tide'," says Schoen. "Years later, I'm still really proud of that one. I think we've ended every Edensong show we've ever played with it. It just has a great live energy. I'm thrilled that we finally have a recording, a mere ten years later, that does the song justice."

Other notable songs include the ballad "Lorelai," recorded to benefit the Haitian relief effort in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake; the re-mastered "To See But Not Believe," a popular Edensong track never officially released; and a selection of epic live performances, including songs from "The Fruit Fallen" and the fateful Echoes of Eden reunion. The band plans to follow up the August release with a handful of shows throughout the east coast of the US, an immediate return to the studio to finish writing and begin recording for the band's next full length studio album and various other top secret projects. Please check out www.edensongtheband.com for the latest news, media and links to all things Edensong."

[Source: Edensong]

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