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CD/DVD Releases: New ELP Releases This Month

Posted on Monday, July 26 @ 19:43:48 UTC by nightowl

While working bethind the scenes today on the site, I came across a couple of news-worthy (and news) items regarding Emerson, Lake and Palmer, who were perfoming at the High Voltage Festival this past weekend in London.

The first was that there is a new 4CD box set A Time And A Place (from Shout Factory (more info/order link). however, all four discs contain live versions of those tracks, the first disc covering the early 70s, the second the late 70s, the third the 90s and then disc four covering additional performances from all eras of the band. These are soundboard recordings - discs one through three - and audience recordings - disc four. It also includes "a collectable poster and liner notes by Jim Allen," according to the blurb at Amazon.com (and at ShoutFactory!).

The second item is a release of 2CD set called Live At The High Voltage Festival, which will be released on July 27 (as will the above, at least in some territories, in others it was released July 20) by Sanctuary/Universal Music Group (although I find no info at the UMG site). This is, from what I can tell thus far, a bit of a misnomer of a title as I don't think it was actually recorded at the High Voltage festival, but released to coincide with it. The cover art calls it just High Voltage, so... that makes sense more as tie-in than suggesting it's a "recorded and released the same day" (as can happen, as Marillion has been doing it at some shows, for example). However, it is a live set, compiled by the band. According (again) to the blurb at Amazon, "Disc One provides the band at their most overly experimental and progressive [... including...] celebrated works by Mussorgsky and their very own [...] 'Tarkus' [...]. Disc Two offers slightly more digestible fare with a clutch of tracks ranging from Greg Lake's 'Lucky Man' and 'Take A Pepple' along with the Bartok modified 'Barbarian' [...] to 'Touch And Go' [from the Emerson, Lake and Powell era]."

Thirdly, by the way, Eagle Rock Entertainment is planning to release - this week as well - a 40th Anniversary edition of the Pictures At An Exhibition DVD, with new artwork (at least newer than the edition's we've previously reviewed). This new edition contains a bonus, "a previously unreleased 1970 live performance from Belgian television program 'Pop Shop' as well as the original theatrical trailer," according to report in Hollywoodtoday.net.

Whether their having reunited for the High Voltage festival will lead to NEW ELP material in the future, we can't say. No rumours of such that I've heard, as the HV performance has been said to be a "one-off"... then again, Gilmour and Waters might work together again, if only it's Gilmour joining Waters onstage for a single The Wall Live date... We can wonder, "what if...?" I think...

[Source: Amazon.com, Hollywoodtoday.net, and other news sources quoting the same press released, Eagle Rock Entertainment...]

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