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Artist News: Amaseffer Update

Posted on Friday, January 19 @ 09:43:21 UTC by nightowl

LarryD writes "

"November update:

"As for today the first CD of the trilogy is done! The album will be presented in 3 different languages on it! Andy's lyrics and vocal lines will be in English. The actual scenes are being played and spoken in the actual old biblical Aramaic language. And myself, as the narrator on the album will do it in the Hebrew language. A few weeks ago me and Yuval went to Germany to Bazement Studios working on the pre-production with Andy Kuntz (our enigmatic singer) and Markus Teske our man who will record us at his studio. The studio is located not so far from Frankfurt in a small town called Hunstetten. It is a beautiful place in the country side with breathtaking landscapes and small rivers (see the pictures section [of the Amaseffer website]), words can not describe the amazingly good vibes and the calm atmosphere and we can't wait to go back.

"At first we went through the album's each song and the story line behind it, working with Andy on some lyrics ideas and vocal lines. Andy writes all lyrics and vocal lines so it was really important that he knew every single part and what is going on in the song every single second. I must say that working with Andy was great great fun and he gave some amazing ideas for the album.

As a Jewish guy from Israel, sitting with a Christian guy from Germany (Andy) reading the bible together and working on this holy concept was a surreal scene to watch. The pure dedication and the way Andy preserve this project with a great vision is so compelling.

"As for the studio work we did with Markus:

"It was basically trying to see what will be the best sound for the trilogy. the song structure is very much like a movie story line with a lot of sound effects through out the whole album. We recorded actual scenes with actors and scripts.

These days Andy is still working on the lyrics and the vocal lines, as soon as he will finish it we will fly again to Germany and record the rhythm section and vocal lines. All sound effects, Kobi Farhi vocal lines, oriental ensemble, flute line , actual scenes and the narrating are already recorded here in Israel.

"Well thats about it for now, stay tuned for our next studio report and updates. Also, soon we will upload a video from the pre-production in Israel and Germany.

Erez and the Amaseffer camp

[See below for the band's January update -ed.]


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