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CD/DVD Releases: Kraan To Release New Album In March; Hattler Heard In New Benz

Posted on Saturday, January 20 @ 05:13:30 UTC by nightowl

Germany's Kraan will release on March 23 a new album called Psychedelic Man. In addition to the regular edition, there will be a limited edition that includes a DVD, capturing Kraan live at the Finch Brook Festival. Also, look for the band to tour Germany in April and May. Hattler, Kraan bassist Hellmut Hattler's band, will have 9 tracks from their album The Big Flow included on DVD that will come with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles that will be rolling off the assembly lines in spring 2007, limited to 60,000 (probably for the European or German market only). Hattler will be on the road touring - a few dates in March, on in May, a pair in August and a series of dates in October 2007.

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