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CD/DVD Releases: Neal Morse's Sola Scriptura Now Available For Pre-Order

Posted on Saturday, January 20 @ 07:57:59 UTC by nightowl

Neal Morse's new prog epic CD Sola Scriptura is now available for pre-ordering at Radiant Records! We are about to set sail for Europe (see Neal's church service dates below) and we need to get this ball rolling before we leave so we can answer your emails and whatnot. While you are ordering this great CD, don't forget to check out all the other great rare titles we have in our store!

The first 300 people who pre-order Sola Scriptura at www.radiantrecords.com will receive a copy autographed by Neal Morse.

Here?s the blurb for it:

Neal Morse ? Sola Scriptura

Neal Morse's controversial new album's title Sola Scriptura (which means "Only By Scripture" in Latin) is as interesting and provocative as the music itself. Featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and the riveting guitar work of Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), this album is huge in scope and sound! Filled with incredible melodies, cascading guitar and keyboards and all the great composition this ex Spock?s Beard leader is known for, Sola Scriptura reaches beyond what one would think possible in a progressive rock epic.

Lyrically it draws on the life of Martin Luther, the Christian reformer who lived in the early 1500s. (He's the one who nailed the 95 theses on the door of the Cathedral in Germany and rocked the entire world at the time.) "I tried to imagine what it must have been like to go up against corruption in high places and risk life and limb for what you believe is right," says Morse. Will this album be controversial? Surely. But Morse has never been one to draw away from a challenge.

Musically it?s as hard hitting and intricately beautiful as Morse?s best work. With 3 long pieces (the longest clocking in at 29 minutes!) and one shorter ballad, this has all of Morse's trademark moments and the addition of Paul Gilbert?s blistering guitar work puts it over the top.

Morse says "I felt as a Christian I should make this album and point out to people that may have forgotten how the church fell away from righteousness in the Dark Ages. The point of it is to point us toward God and his truth and where the church still may have darkness in it, to point her toward the light of God's truth which is laid out wonderfully before us in the scriptures. Of course, this is a lofty goal for a mere CD, but, with God anything is possible!"

Track 1:

In The Name Of God
All I Ask For
Mercy For Sale
Keep Silent
Upon The Door

Track 2:
Do You know My Name?
Party To The Lie
Two Down, One To Go
The Vineyard
Already Home

Track 3:
Heaven in my Heart (5:11)

Track 4:
Randy's Jam
Long Night's Journey
Come Out Of Her
Clothed With The Sun
In Closing...

Total Time: 75:58

There is only one version of this release.

Pre-order now at www.radiantrecords.com

Release date is Feb 26 in Europe and March 7 in the states. We will do our best to make sure you get your copy on or before the release dates.

ITEM: Neal is coming to Europe! Here are the dates:

January 24 and 25 - Siegen Germany
January 26 and 27 - Kelsterbach, Germany (Frankfurt)
January 30 - Trondheim, Norway
January 31 and February 1 - London, England
Feb 3 Afternoon - Utrecht, Netherlands
Feb 3 Evening - Leiden, The Netherlands
Feb 4 - Ede, The Netherlands
Feb 6 - Kortrijk, Belgium (near Brugge)
February 7 ? 10 - Berlin Germany

For all the details go to www.nealmorse.com and click on the "tour schedule" link. Come see us!

Neal has made 2 more new items that will be available at these church events. One is a CD called Neal Morse ? Songs From The Highway which is a collection of 12 new "Christian folk" songs Neal has written and recorded in the last month. Think Neal meets Bob Dylan at the cross. Simple and very different and interesting. Also, a wonderful DVD of the Question Mark tour over the summer with good quality sound and video created by John Vis. Shot with a pro camera, Neal says "He captured some amazing moments at Lucky in Rijssen and Columbia in Berlin that I didn?t know existed. It's really a fine thing he's done. The ending of Question Mark in Berlin is really powerful" Neal Morse And Band - Live In Europe 2006 DVD and Neal Morse ? Songs From The Highway will both be available!

[Source: Radiant Records, pic: InsideOut]

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