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CD/DVD Releases: Two Side Moon Announce The Signing Of Auvernia

Posted on Monday, December 13 @ 03:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Auvernia is a metal band hailing from Argentina. Born in 1999 as a just-for-fun project, it took almost 7 years and several line-up changes to build the foundations that would result in their first production in 2006, a four track EP entitled You Will Come. Although it was a low budget demo, it left no doubt that this wasn?t a just-for-fun project anymore; it managed to become something unique in the underground metal scene of Buenos Aires.

Two years later, the band released its first full length album entitled Towards Eternity. Good reviews were to come, and not just from the homeland. The album crossed the barriers of territory to find listeners all over the world, surpassing all possible expectations.

But time doesn?t stop and neither does Auvernia. After years of its creative voice and only one album produced, the band was eager to continue composing. Inevitably a new album was in the making.

The band kept combining styles and influences including power metal, black metal, heavy, progressive, latin and classical music in the pursuit of an identity of their own, a challenging feat nowadays. That makes it hard to fit Auvernia into one category. Although the first album was Power Metal driven, the band continued to grow creatively, leading to their second release in 2010, a 12 piece LP entitled Afraid Of Me [released in August].

The band currently consists of the founding members; Fernando H. Varela (Vocals, Guitars) and Juan P. Verni (Drums).

Band Line Up:

Lead Vocals: Fernando H. Varela
Guitar: Fernando H. Varela
Bass: Leonardo Boan
Drums: Juan P. Verni


1- Meeting
2- Throw Your Fear Away
3- And So It Starts
4- Anguish
5- No Time For Time
6- Interludio Porte?o
7- Self Reflective Fear
8- Out Of My Hands
9- Your Own Universe
10- Ode To Life
11- Another Conscience
12- We Are Complete

[Source: TSM Productions]

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