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CD/DVD Releases: 4th Album From Arachnes Available From Lion Music Digital

Posted on Tuesday, August 02 @ 22:30:00 UTC by nightowl

Italian Progressive Power Metallers' A New Day Out Now

Arachnes are a modern progressive melodic power metal band from Italy based around the talents of the Caruso brothers, vocalist Enzo and guitarist Frank (Strings 24). With four well received albums already under their belts Lion Music are pleased to offer up the digital distribution of their new release A New Day.

With a wide ranging set of influences from the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Toto, Yngwie Malmsteen, ELP, Jethro Tull, Yes, Miles Davis and the classical world greats; this enlightened inspiration helped develop the Arachnes sound which is rich in scope yet with a well focused core sound.

From heavy-roots to modern technologies Arachnes take both power and melody and combine these 2 different sides in order to achieve the biggest impact. Their new release A New Day is testament to this approach and is home to 11 new songs plus a turbo charged cover of the Deep Purple classic “Fireball”. Arachnes' A New Day is available now from all leading digital platforms.



01. I Know The Darkness
02. Big Hearth
03. I'm Sorry
04. Into The Fog
05. Magic World
06. My Face Is Hard
07. Running In An Old Town
08. Take Your Life
09. Parallel Worlds
10. The Reason Of The Things
11. Your Death
12. Fireball

[Source: Lion Music]

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