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CD/DVD Releases: Brainstorm: ''On The Spur Of The Moment'' Update

Posted on Saturday, August 20 @ 17:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Fans of high class power metal are looking forward to September 30th already, the date, when German metallers Brainstorm will release their highly anticipated new album On The Spur Of the Moment.

A snippet of the track "Below The Line" is available Here now for streaming. Spectators of the Bang Your Head and Masters Of Rock festivals already witnessed another new Brainstorm track, called "Temple Of Stone." A live video can be found Here.


01. Below The Line
02. In The Blink Of An Eye
03. Temple Of Stone
04. In These Walls
05. Still Insane
06. Dark Life
07. No Saint - No Sinner
08. Where Your Actions Lead You To Live
09. A Life On Hold
10. My Own Hell

[Source:AFM Records]

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