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Artist News: Anton Johannson Starts New Project - Galahad Suite

Posted on Saturday, August 27 @ 14:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Anton Johannson wrote us last week to say, "Just wanted to tell you that finally I am entering a studio again for the first real thing since Mister Kite. You'll find it all at www.galahadsuite.com." On August 10, Johannson posted to the Galahad Suite website, "It is with a tingle in my entire body I am proud to announce that first day of recording in the Peakroom will be 10th of September 2011. Mats Bergentz will bravely go further than any man has ever gone before (at least with this project)."

Joining Johannson are Linus Abrahamson (The Codex, Andromeda) on guitar and bass; Mats Bergentz (Silver Mountain, Syron Vanes) on drums; Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) on guitar; Sebastian Berglund (Edge Of A Circle) on keyboards; Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande), Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain), Magnus Kristensson (Mister Kite), and Dennis Post (Star*Rats) on guitar; and Sara Heurlin (Come Alive, Sounds Like Sara), Evelinda Andersson (2ForU), and Carl Lindquist (Coexistence) on vocals.

You can learn more about the history of the project here, and hear some demo clips here

[Source: Anton Johannson, Galahad Suite website]

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