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CD/DVD Releases: Festival Music Signs Also Eden; Manning, Citizen Cain Releases Due

Posted on Saturday, August 27 @ 18:00:00 UTC by nightowl

David Robinson of Festival Music writes: "I am extremely pleased to announce the signing of Also Eden to the Festival Music label. Also Eden have previously released two full length studio albums plus a studio EP, all of which have been favourably received by fans around the world. The band's new CD, called Think Of The Children will be released 31/10/2011. More details about the release (track listing, artwork, etc.) will be sent nearer the time.

"For information, we have re-pressed the Lee Abraham CD Black & White, and it is now back in stock. We have also added a full track from the CD ("The Mirror") to the Festival Music player at www.f2music.co.uk. Have a listen - it is an excellent track. Sean Filkins, ex-Big Big Train, sings on most tracks on the Black & White CD, and Sean's first solo CD War And Peace & Other Short Stories is also available direct from us.

"And don't forget our other two excellent recent releases - Credo - Against Reason, and Solstice - Kindred Spirits, both getting great reviews and selling well!

"Please note that, due to holidays, any orders placed before 31 AUGUST 2011 will be mailed out on 01 SEPTEMBER 2011. Thanks.

COMING SOON - this year we will be releasing new CDs by Manning (Margaret's Children), plus Citizen Cain (And The Skies Darkened, plus their long deleted back catalogue). We also hope to release another CD in the 'definitive edition' series from Twelfth Night. More news soon."

[If things hold true to form, that Manning CD should see the light of day in October... as I noted in a review of a past Manning CD review, nearly all Manning releases come out in October (one did come out in February, however.) AND, this October thing is only PW supposition, not a factual statement - SS/ed.]

[Source: Festival Music]

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