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Festival News: Vanden Plas To Headline ProgPower Europe October 5th, 6th And 7th 2012

Posted on Sunday, November 06 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

At the start of the 2011 festival fans were told that one of the headliners for 2012 would be Vanden Plas from Germany. The prog metal masters return after nine years away and will deliver a full headline show.

Also announced at the festival were three more bands. First up is Sweden’s Nightingale, again absent for nine years and fronted of course by Dan Swano. It is anticipated that this will be one of just a few shows next year.

The other two have a long journey ahead as they both come from Australia. They are The Levitation Hex, drawn from the ashes of Alchemist with all that band’s prog but heavier, with a debut album in 2012; and Fracture who are working on their second release.

Another band can also be announced now and that is Empty Yard Experiment who are from Dubai and have just released a debut EP.

A check of the website progpower.eu will show you links to loads of accommodation as well as a guide to travelling to Baarlo. It’s really easy to get there! The first headliner speaks for itself plus already there are other bands that don‘t appear in Europe often, if at all. Tickets can be obtained from the same site and have been kept as affordable as possible.

Booked so far - Vanden Plas, Nightingale, The Levitation Hex, Fracture and Empty Yard Experiment - just ten more to be named!

[Source: OnTheRail Promotions]

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