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CD/DVD Releases: Musea Releases For November

Posted on Saturday, December 10 @ 14:20:08 UTC by nightowl

In this update, Musea has three releases out, starting with AstroVoyager - Lunation Tour. AstroVoyager, also known as Philippe Fagnoni, is always searching for new musical and sonic sensations. Coming from Metz, the French keyboards player endeavors to compose, in a very personal style, original themes between soundtracks and relaxation music. His art relates as much to the great masters of the genre like Vangelis or Jean-Michel Jarre, as to the most renowned soundtracks composers, such as Hans Zimmer, Eric Serra... AstroVoyager uses synthesizers and electronic keyboards to develop music mixing electronic and cosmic tracks with symphonic layers. To avoid the traps of common electronic music, he develops real melodies, alternating dreamlike climates and chiseled rhythmic patterns.

Published on the Dreaming label, the second opus Temporal Gravitation² (2006) places the listener at the center of deep and enchanting pads, mixing delicate synthetic harmonies and dynamic rhythms. These fifteen instrumental compositions succeed in removing any material cares from the listener, inviting him to an exciting spatial and musical trip to the center of the Temporal Gravitation field for close to 45 minutes. A story told in music that each of us has to interpret. One could sometimes think of the universe of The Universal Migrator Part One - The Dream Sequencer (Ayreon), and that says it all! Departure is imminent. AstroVoyager is ready. What about you? AstroVoyager's imaginary universe offers timeless and fascinating melodies.

After the trip into the heart of Temporal Gravitation² (2006), the Space Traveller is now inviting you to another journey into a singular universe. Philippe Fagnoni, an atypical musician and an innovative artist, is launching his new multimedia rendezvous, this time around a Symphotronic Lunation. Like a sound-painter, he alternates dreamlike atmospheres and chiselled, sometimes electronic rhythmic patterns, with symphonic layers. Notably, his synthesizers and electronic keyboards are now mingled with the sounds of a real orchestra: the perfect cocktail to create his own musical mark, combining richness with simplicity. A musical short film, directed by Eric Parisi, photographed by Bruce Pierson and art-designed by Stéphane Monbel, has been created to coincide with the music. It is a journey to listen to and watch, a reverie to lapse into: an invitation to unwind your real self anew. AstroVoyager delivers a multimedia project opening up to new musical horizons while remaining faithful to what has been its strength: a really big sound, now completed with cutting-edge visual choreography. In other words, a musically ground-breaking album, the work of the maturity.

Dominique Le Bars - L'Intimité: Dominique Le Bars is a Breton multi-instrumentalist composer and arranger. He first started to learn music on his own and later on he studied classical piano and tonal harmony. He is a professional artist and performed on stage in France (Olympia, Battaclan) as well as in Morocco, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. He currently teaches music in Brittany. L'Intimité is a concept album released by Dominique Le Bars. It's the second part of a triptych combining rock, blues, classical music and jazz influences. The eight pictures of this instrumental CD reflect our human emotions around a recurring theme, that of our identity. In this album, reflective writing meets instinctive improvisation, thus inviting us to travel through a well-known musical story: ours...

Gérard Maimone - Soft Movies: In the Seventies, Gérard Maimone founded the jazz-rock band Spheroe, with guitarist Michel Perez, bassist Rido Bayonne and drummer Patrick "Cactus" Garel. During the next decade, Angel-Maimone Enterprise, in collaboration with singer Olivier Angele, made strong impressions and gained the cult status within the French rock scene with numerous shows, records (On Island Records), videos and movies. Since the Nineties, our man is pursuing his solo career of composing for the image (Over seventy scores for theatre, dance or movies), as well as performing live, exploring the various esthetical styles that he likes to share in his own atypical ways: from tango to jazz, oriental melodies to opera Lieder... The New Millenium has been synonymous for Géérard Maimone with a more pronounced return to the jazz idiom.

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