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Other: Prog Rocks! Chronicling The History Of Progressive Rock And Its Legendary Artist

Posted on Saturday, December 17 @ 16:05:00 UTC by nightowl

The brand new Prog Rocks store is built to bring you everything you need from the world of progressive rock. Whether you are a Prog fanatic or just discovering this wide-ranging genre, the store will have something of interest for you. You can also watch Prog legends such as Steve Hackett talk about their most memorable albums, and enter a competition to win a signed Genesis Box Set!! [Well, there was a contest... it closed 12/14. We blew it -ed.]

Spend £20 and get 20% off a subscription to Classic Rock Presents Prog (purchases over £20 will receive an email voucher code for 20% off a subscription within 24 hours).

[Source: Genesis newsletter]

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