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CD/DVD Releases: Djam Karet Members Release New Projects

Posted on Sunday, December 18 @ 15:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Djam Karet's new label Firepool Records has just released 2 new ALL instrumental CDs from most of the current members of Djam Karet:

Henderson/Oken - Dream Theory In The IE
Hillmen - The Whiskey Mountain Sessions

Dream Theory In The IE is by two of the founding members of Djam Karet, Mike Henderson & Chuck Oken, Jr. It is a 76 minute journey of improvised, live acoustic and electric music, created by 2 friends who have played in the collective hands of the Firepool for over 30 years. A strictly Limited Edition of 500, Henderson/Oken - Dream Theory In The IE is a plethora of guitars, keyboards, percussion, and treatments -- a true homage to the Inland Empire and the Djam Karet musical box.

The Whiskey Mountain Sessions is by the group Hillmen, a DK off-shoot. This album contains 43 minutes of instrumental Jazz-Rock/Fusion with Psychedelic influences. Totally improvised, the music features spacey atmospherics, strong grooves, soaring melodies and wailing solos, all wrapped up in a highly dynamic and crystal clear production. A strictly Limited Edition of 500. With Djam Karet members Gayle Ellett (Hammond organ and Rhodes piano) and Mike Murray (guitars), along with master drummer Peter Hillman and Ralph Rivers (bass). Rooted in Jazz and Fusion music from the 1960's and 1970's with more modern sensibilities added in, they have created a new hybrid style that is uniquely their own.

Sound samples, images and more from the above or below is accessible via the Djam Karet website or via the direct links below.


Just a reminder that earlier in the year, Herd of Instinct's self-titled debut CD was released on Djam Karet's label Firepool Records to glowing acclaim. Truly for fans of King Crimson, Steve Tibbetts, Djam Karet and the big picture music, special guests on this album include Djam Karet's own Gayle Ellett, Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), and Markus Reuter (Centrozoon). Guitar Player Magazine described it as "A heady melange of avant-prog spiced with dashes of ambient, symphonic, metallic, and world musics, and topped with a dollop of pop."

[Source: Djam Karet]

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