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CD/DVD Releases: SBB - New Album In Early 2012

Posted on Wednesday, December 21 @ 01:00:00 UTC by nightowl

SBB, a legend of Polish music scene, will return with a new album in Spring 2012. "A new album, new sound - fresh, mature yet spontaneous and full of youthful energy" - that's how Józef Skrzek himself describes yet untitled material.

[Metal Mind[ asked Józef Skrzek about his impressions soon after concluding the recording session: "The music is colorful, rich, subtle but also dynamic, and also its sound is definitely diversified in terms of the instruments we used. It's our own view on the present, which shows in SBB's music. The album's defined by a novel approach, very relaxed, with good taste, which allows listeners to experience it in a completely new way. There's a lot of truth about us in that music. We prove that after many years we can still play and our fans can hear a new shade of what we're capable of.

"As multi-instrumentalists, together with Apostolis Anthimos we complete each other and the album is a result of our mutual artistic understanding. Having listened to what we've recorded I can say with all certainty that it makes for a great experience, it's wonderful music and one listens to it with good taste. If, while working at the studio, we keep discovering something new, this means that we're creative, because we regard copying certain things as quite simply boring. A new album, new sound - fresh, mature yet spontaneous and full of youthful energy. The music's totally disconnected from this civilization's chase after the commercial - it's true art. Having finished the recording session, I'm under the impression that we could have just kept working and working..."

The artists' own impressions make us all the more anxious to hear the new album! The release date is set for Spring 2012! Full details to be announced soon. SBB's latest album to date is Blue Trance released by Metal Mind Productions in 2010.

[Source: Metal Mind, photo of Józef Skrzek courtesy Metal Mind]

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