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CD/DVD Releases: Yurt - ''Archipelagog'' -- New Album From Dublin Progressive Band

Posted on Sunday, December 25 @ 00:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Though brief, we received this transmission from Yurt: "On this, the occasion of the winter solstice 2011[, which was on Dec 20], the sonic elders of Yurt bestow upon you a construct - Archipelagog. Conceived in cryopreservation and auricularly manifested through progressive oscillation, this wretched behemoth hereby receives a terrestrial presentation for your listening pleasure. The sonic elders of Yurt have spoken."

Ok then... Yurt go on to add, "Download for free here in a variety of HQ formats MP3, FLAC & more... " It can't hurt to give a listen to Yurt.

[Source: Yurt]

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