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Artist News: It's Official: Finn Zierler Forms New Super Group

Posted on Saturday, December 29 @ 18:05:00 UTC by nightowl

After 6 years of absolute silence, Beyond Twilight mastermind Finn Zierler has returned from the shadows with Zierler Projects. Zierler Projects is a progressive metal super group consisting of:

Finn Zierler - Keyboards (Beyond Twilight); Bobby Jarzombek – Drums (Rob Halford, Fates Warning, Arch/Matheos, Sebastian Bach, Iced Earth); Per Nilsson – Guitars and Bass (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa); Kelly Sundown Carpenter - Vocals (Beyond Twilight, Darkology, Epysode, Outworld) and Truls Haugen – Vocals and Bass live (Insense, Circus Maximus).

Zierler Projects was a closely guarded secret until the first matrix's formation was announced on 26th November 2012.

Zierler said, "I've had the idea in mind for some time now. All the guys in the matrix are amongst my personal favourites and have been it for years. As with any 'supergroup,' bringing together the best talent doesn't mean things will work out - however in this case it did. It's an absolute pleasure to work with each one of these great musicians - on every level."

Zierler describes the music - "It’s a journey through my musical moods, sometimes brutal, nightmarishly technical, crushingly dark and very progressive. The performances on this album are simply inhuman, just a smashing and fantastic job by everyone involved."

Zierler Projects has just launched its official website www.zierlerprojects.com. There you can find an exclusive teaser from one of the tracks "A New Beginning" on the forthcoming album.

Other News! The lyrics to the track "Aggrezzor" have just been released on Zierler Projects official Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Zierler-Projects/501376979896876.

If you're into progressive metal then this should be great news!

[Source: Mega Media Entertainment Group]

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