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CD/DVD Releases: The Red Masque - Mythalogue Coming Soon!

Posted on Monday, December 31 @ 18:15:00 UTC by nightowl

Philadelphia avant / progressive rock band The Red Masque's new album Mythalogue will arrive in late Feb. / early March 2013.

According to Beta-lactam Ring Records (BLRR), pre-orders for the album will start in mid-January. After the official release, copies will be made available for order through BLRR and The Red Masque's own website.

In the meantime, you can watch a YouTube video of the song "The Minotaur" from Mythalogue. Click Here To Watch!. Video by the illustrious Brandon Lord Ross. "The Minotaur" was recorded at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore by engineer Mike Potter, and mixed and mastered by Bob Drake in France. For full details on Mythalogue, please go to www.theredmasque.com/mythalogue.html.

The band hopes you enjoy this little taste of things to come! "The Minotaur" is the shortest of the main songs on the album, as well as the heaviest.

"We recently gave Glenn Goring (one of the guitarist / songwriters from the incredible band Comus) a sneak earful of the new album and he had this to say:

"'Well, you couldn’t class this as boring... I heard some accomplished playing and intriguing musical ideas. At one point I was reminded of Jefferson Airplane, then Stockhausen and here and there Velvet Underground with a bit of Alistair Crowley, XTC, Opeth etc, thrown into the crucible of boiling, fervent and sometimes a very scary sound. Given that I heard it through not the best speakers on the planet the production values sound dynamic and balanced. The guy who did the work most definitely has a feel for your stuff, good choice! I can also sense the connection through your art into this area of the virtually supernatural where your voice excels. Great stuff and well done. Good luck with it and thanks again for allowing me this sneak preview. I really hope it does well.'"

[Source: The Red Masque]

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