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CD/DVD Releases: Musea Releases/Distributions for September 2014

Posted on Friday, September 19 @ 18:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In August, Musea Records has the following titles on offer (releases or distributions):

Amoeba Split - Dance Of The Goodbyes - What if the Canterbury School has been relocated to the North of Spain? Hailing from A Coruna, Amoeba Split is a present band that mix Progressive rock, jazz and classical music, not unlike Hatfield And The North, Soft Machine or Matching Mole in the Seventies. The quintet has been founded in the year 2001, and it took the musicians nine years to release their first album, Dance Of The Goodbyes. It was worth the wait, since it was nominated by ProgAwards as "Best Prog Debut Album Of 2010."

The first edition was limited to five hundred copies, and is now reissued by Musea and Azafran Media. Here's a unique occasion to rediscover this piece of work, made of five long pieces, mainly instrumental but also featuring the English lyrics of Maria Toro. Let's also mention the opening short-piece and its evocative title: "Dedicated To Us, But We Weren't Listening." Not to be missed!!

Calle Santiago - Ad Hominem - Calle Santiago is the name of a young Progressive rock band, coming from the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. At first known as Otherside, the group gained success playing in various local festivals. Despite various musical courses, Manuel Aumaitre (guitar & vocals), Rigel Garce (guitar & choirs), Nicolas Boada (keyboards) and Pedro Capon (drums) share the same passion for modern Progressive rock, influenced by Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Yes, Transatlantic or RC2, amongst others. In order to develop its own personality, Calle Santiago doesn't hesitate to focus on classical music, as well as Latin and Venezuelan folklore. Ad Hominem has been published on the Musea Parallèle label in the year 2014. Here's a real discovery!

Jack Dupon - Tête De Chien - There's no need to search for Jack Dupon in the civil registration, because that legendary character doesn't exist! We're talking of a young French band here, made of four crazy people, flegmatic adventurers of the Imaginary. Improvisers and storytellers. Polite and rude. Full of oppositions, contradictions.. In one word: alive. Their music is like their existences: out of styles and boundaries. Far away from the usual technical show-off, their performances tell the story of the crazy Jack Dupon: manitou and mentor, Big Brother, a genious criminal of thousand masks... Published on the Gazul label in the year 2008, L'Echelle Du Désir explores the vast landscapes of Progressive rock, experimental and psychedelic. Sometimes reminding a kind of modern Etron Fou Leloublan, this music may also be related with Sebkha-Chott's, or King Crimson's electric dissonances. Gong also comes in mind, especially when having a look at the booklet, probably designed by some kind of Flying Teapot! Jack Dupon is all but consensual, for our own pleasure... Bascule A Vif is a double-album captured live, including three tracks from L'Echelle Du Désir, and six compositions originally to be found on Démon Hardi. The order of the tracks follows the exact chronology of the performance, given Saturday October 22nd, 2011, Salle Camille Claudel in Clermont-Ferrand, France. After having published an excellent concept-album paying tribute to the Great Adventure (Jésus L'Aventurier, 2013), here comes Jack Dupon, stronger as before, for an equally-excellent Tête De Chien (Doghead). This common expression is mostly used by French people to name their "good friends" from the capital, Paris. If you want to know more about it, all you have to do is play this new masterpiece. Just unique!

And from Gonzo, there's: Ant-Bee - Lunar Muzik, Andy Colquhoun - String Theory, Steve Hillage - Live At The Rainbow 1977, Tangerine Dream - Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975, and Vangelis - Journey To Ihtaka, a DVD.

[Source: Musea Records]

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