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CD/DVD Releases: Osada Vida Reveal The Title, Release Date Of Their New Album

Posted on Saturday, September 20 @ 00:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Osada Vida, one of the most interesting Polish bands on the rock/metal scene, still work on their fifth studio album. Their material entitled The After-Effect is scheduled for release on November 3rd.

Their highly acclaimed previous album Particles made the band work even harder on the follow-up material. In the meantime, the band have undergone a few line-up changes: Bartek Bereska (guitar) was replaced by Janek Mitoraj and drummer Adam Podzimski - by Marek Romanowski.

Rafał Paluszek, band’s keyboardist comments: "Our new album, just like it was with Particles, is not a concept album. We abandoned that as a creative method. And when we came up with the title The After-Effect, it was partly as a joke. An after-effect is a consequence, the result of all that's going on in our lives. Every album sums up a certain episode in your life. It crowns a certain creative process, which is, after all, brought about by something, and which is a lasting phenomenon. We experience certain things, every event has some influence on what we do. Why shouldn't that apply to the music we create?

"In a relatively short period of time, 2/5 of Osada Vida's lineup has changed. Such changes are like a tsunami - there are losses, but there's also a reason to build something new, something we wouldn't dare to build back in the untroubled days. We don't know what effects today's events will have. Looking at it from a mathematical perspective, there's an infinite number of paths, each branching out into an infinite number of paths as well, and so on. That's what The Affter-Effect is.”

Up-to-date info from the studio is available on the band’s facebook profile: www.facebook.com/osadavida.

[Source: Metal Mind]

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