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Artist News: Katagory V Call It A Day, Release Final Album As Download Only

Posted on Saturday, May 23 @ 22:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Katagory V set May 1st 2015 as the release date for the long awaited 5th album,Resurrect The Insurgence, that was recorded in 2010. The album has been released on KatagoryV.bandcamp.com as a digital download-only.

Katagory V started an Indiegogo campaign in 2014 to release the 5th album in all formats independently, but the campaign failed and the band decided to call it a day as a result. Due to the request from many long-time fans to at least release it in digital format, the band had recently agreed to do so as a thank you and a farewell gift to those that have supported Katagory V over their 15 year existence.

Be sure to visit KatagoryV.bandcamp.com for all Katagory V merchandise, including the recently re-released debut album Present Day.

Although the band has broken up, there will still be activity from time to time from past and present members, so you will want to update your bookmarks with the following links to stay connected to all things related to Katagory V:

And at www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/katagory-v-165

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