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CD/DVD Releases: Dirk Serries Releases Three New Titles

Posted on Sunday, May 24 @ 22:00:00 UTC by nightowl

From Dirk Serries' newsletter: "Serries' second album Disorientation Flow on Projekt is a suitable follow-up to his warm and welcoming 2014 release, The Origin Reversal. More than a critically-acclaimed re-boot of his classic vidnaObmana sound, this is ambient music that flows from its discreet origins of sonic purity, washes of harmony, and languid textures. Unfurling with seductive deliberation and orchestrated with just a handful of effects and electric guitar, this album is again fully improvised and recorded in real-time.

"Even more than on its predecessor, Disorientation Flow touches upon the introspective character of Serries’ musical language. String-like chords, subtle waves and dynamic warm drones are the sonic ingredients on this new album, creating a soundtrack for the mind. Spiritually playing with notation of extended time and isolation, Serries has the ability to produce beautiful but simultaneously intense soundscapes which hold much more than just layering notes. It’s a musical language that speaks emotion, warmth, melancholy and subtlety. Here, Serries conveys an awareness of a serene approach to the act of musical creation, which is representative of the best of contemporary ambient music. A moody and reflective group of compositions that retains a sense of ambient bliss as the flow subsides.

"Available from Projekt Records, Projekt's Bandcamp or directly through us. Listen to the teaser on Soundcloud."

Unseen Descending And Lamentations is another new release from Serries, about which he writes, "This new record came out of the blue, while prepping and recording the new Microphonics album for 2016, this work is the transition. Music that balances between the previous Microphonics and Serries' The Origin Reversal ambient album on Projekt Records. Slowly transforming into the shape and style that will dominate the new Microphonics album for Tonefloat. Played several times in concert last year, this is a studio album that features two extended pieces. Available on CD and vinyl from the Consouling Sounds website or directly through us. Listen to the teaser on Soundcloud."

Thirdly, there's the collaborative effort Bouyant: "Buoyant brings together two of the most prolific and interesting artists the ambient/drone genre has to offer. For this release, Dirk Serries and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek, DNMF, Piiptsjilling, Shivers, Cloud Ensemble, ...) teamed up to make a hauntingly beautiful album in 4 chapters. Sparse and subtle, but powerful and urgent, these chapters lift up the audience, and keep them afloat for the entire listening trip. The avant-garde approach of Zuydervelt’s sound scaping merges brilliantly with Serries’ minimal and atmospheric pursuit of crafting sounds and ambiences. The result is simply stunning, and leaves one in want of more. Available on CD and vinyl from the Consouling Sounds website or directly through us. Listen to the teaser on Soundcloud."

And lastly, a limited edition archival vidnaObmana recording: "Tonefloat released on this year's Record Store day a previously unreleased 15'41" track called 'The Circuit Abstract' by vidnaObmana. Recently rediscovered, mastered and pressed up on a one-sided black vinyl LP, this piece is an unconventional vidnaObmana song that displays a more rhythmical and groovy side, initially recorded in 2000. Get your copy now as this is a limited release on 300 copies. Buy from Tonefloat."

[Source: Dirk Serries]

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