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CD/DVD Releases: Red Jasper Release "777"

Posted on Wednesday, June 01 @ 17:23:57 UTC by admin

Well I'll be darned. Red Jasper have released a new album. It, 777, came out in April, from Angel Air Records. Not only that, it comes on the heels of 2015's release The Great And Secret Show.

I had last heard from Red Jasper years and years ago when David Clifford emailed me to say the band was no more or something along those lines -- computer failures mean I likely don't have that email anymore. Nevertheless, gone they were. I had given their 1993 release Midsummer's Night Dream good marks, and so, too, to their 1997 release Anagramary (the other releases not - yet - reviewed), so I was sad at their dissolution...

But today, literally today, as I'm updating our releases calendar (not uploaded at press time), I discover that Red Jasper have a new album. Reading the bio, they regrouped in 2010, and began working on material for Great....

About the new CD, 777, here's what the label notes: "Red Jasper have ploughed their own particular Prog Rock furrow for nearly three decades. After a hiatus between 1998 and 2011 the band reformed with former RJ drummer David Clifford replacing Davey Dodds on lead vocals.

"2016 sees the release of their seventh studio album 777, which follows on from the critical and financial success of their first reformation album The Great And Secret Show. 777 carries on the themes from the Clive Barker inspired previous album, by further exploring human nature, religion and beliefs. The band have really hit their stride with 777, generating challenging music that is certainly amongst their best."


1. 7
2. Nothing To Believe
3. She Waits
4. Forth Of Fife
5. The Gathering
6. Reaching Out
7. Blessed With Gold
8. Dragonfly
9. Paradise Folly

Bonus Track:
10. October and April (unplugged)

Current lineup:

Robin Harrison (Guitar)
Jon Thornton (Bass)
David Clifford (Vocals)
Lloyd George (Keyboards)
Florin Werner (Drums)

[Source: me/PW, Red Jasper website, Angel Air Records website]

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