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Concerts: Experimental Rock 3 Piece From San Francisco - Impuritan Just Announced Tour

Posted on Sunday, June 05 @ 10:14:23 UTC by admin

Impuritan just released Everything Is Magick in January 2016 - an eight-song alchemical mix of psychedelia, post-rock, space-rock, ambient noise, and surf. Two multi-instrumentalists and use of live loops/samples makes the band sound larger than three members. Their US East Coast tour begins in June (see dates below) supporting shoegaze pioneers The Veldt, followed by a performance at Local Legends Festival in NJ and much more.

Impuritan is a sonic embodiment of life, death, love, hate, space, time, evolution and extinction. An abstract dream or visceral nightmare. In stereo. Wellspring eternal.

Impuritan tour dates:

06-09-2016 - Tree House Lounge, Washington, DC, US (w/The Veldt and Todo Mas)
06-10-2016 - Bushwich Public House, Brooklyn, NY, US (w/The Veldt and The Black Ships)
06-11-2016 - Local Legends Festival, Vernon, NJ, US
06-13-2016 - Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA, US (w/Joshua Palace)
06-14-2016 - Bowery Electric, New York, NY, US (w/Maude, Sun & Flesh and Castle Black*)
06-15-2016 - Midway Cafe, Boston, MA, US (w/Fable Grazer, Retribution Body, Long Blonde Wig)
06-16-2016 - Lilypad, Boston, MA, US (w/Babydriver and Adam PC)
06-17-2016 - Amity Teen Center, Woodbridge, CT, US (w/Tolstoy's Anemic and Hiss The Villain)
06-18-2016 - Starlite, Southbridge, MA, US (w/Lawn Gnomes, The Maniac Loves You, and Horse Mode)

Band bio: Impuritan - an experimental rock three-piece from San Francisco - is Alex Eliopoulos (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), David Molina (guitar/bass/keys/electronics/vocals), and Pepe Abad (drums/percussion). Formed in 2011 by Alex as a solo recording project, the lineup soon bloomed into a musical collective.

Upon releasing the first EP Hijacked Artifacts, Treasured Forms in 2012 on their label Distant Spore, Impuritan began performing consistently in the Bay Area at music venues, art spaces, and outdoor "guerilla" spaces - often with live projections/visuals.

The band released their first full-length Make It Look Like Nothing Happened in 2014. It received positive reviews from the likes of KZSU Stanford and The Bay Bridged, along with college radio airplay on KALX and KZSU. Impuritan soon toured the Pacific Northwest and Southern California, plus organized and curated Mutant Soundwave - a day-long festival in Oakland featuring experimental, noisy indie music.

[Just listened to "Faux Medina" - random selection from the band's bandcamp page - my quick assessment of this one track: brings to mind the mellower aspects of Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd with a touch of the angularity of King Crimson - ed.

[Source: XO Publicity]

*Here were my thoughts in sequence as I typed in each date. "The Veldt... I like that story by Ray Bradbury... The Black Ships... weren't they called that in Game of Thrones? Attacked King's Landing or were they Tywin Lannister's ships? I wonder how long before bands start naming themselves after GOT like they do Lord of the Rings... a band called Khalessi perhaps-- Oh! Castle Black...and there you go. (Don't know they did, but... )

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