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Concerts: "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" Turns 50, To Play London In March 2017

Posted on Thursday, September 08 @ 13:57:16 UTC by admin

Whether you consider Procol Harum progressive rock or not - a case could be made either way, I'm sure - I am including this news item anyway. The classic "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" turns 50... just about the same time I do, as it happens, though that is not why I like this track, as I have done so for far longer than my thinking about its exact release date in 1967. And even far longer than when I learned of the composition's connection to Geoffrey Chaucer... including but not only the lyric "as the miller told his tale..." (a reference to the Canterbury Tales). From what I remember reading - though I don't remember where I read it now, it's been years - the lyrics follow the meter of Chaucer's Tales. Interestingly - or perhaps boringly - I haven't gone back to CT to try and sing them nor I have read the lyrics of the song (versus singing) to see if this is true. But certainly the references to a journey (metaphorical or not) also tie into the Chaucer connection...

This is a rather long preamble ramble to get to the other factoid about Procol Harum and that is to celebrate this track's 50th birthday, they will play a show at the Royal Festival Hall in London on March 3, 2017, accompanied by a full orchestra and the English New Chamber Choir, conducted by David Firman.

As reported in Prog Magazine - "The show will see Procol Harum 'Dip into their vast catalogue and cannon of worldwide hits accompanied by the orchestra to bring to the stage the magic that they have always retained, taking influences from diverse strands of popular music including blues, R&B, soul, baroque, and classical. There will also be a few new surprises too."

"[...] The current lineup features bassist Matt Pegg, drummer Geoff Dunn, guitarist Geoff Whitehorn and Hammond organ player Josh Phillips[, alongside founder and singer/pianist Gary Brooker]."

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

What I did not know, though the fadeout made it plain to see, a third and fourth verse exists and you can watch it here. The inclusion of those additional verses, which make clear the sexual metaphors of the track:

[Source: as noted, Prog, otherwise us]

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