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Artist News: Frontiers Music Srl Announces Signing Of Alan Parsons!

Posted on Sunday, September 02 @ 18:26:12 UTC by admin

Alan Parsons (c) FrontiersAnother news item from Frontiers to note is their signing of the legendary producer/musician Alan Parsons.

Prog fans associate Parsons mostly with his work as engineer on Abbey Road (The Beatles) and Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd), aside from his own recordings under his name and the Alan Parsons Project banner. His list of credits is far longer and far broader.

This coming spring he is expected to release a new album, the current working title is The Secret. "[...I]t will include musical and lyrical themes that are very close to my heart and my interests and passions," Parsons says. Frontiers notes that the album "is expected to be in keeping with the symphonic rock that Alan explored on his earlier solo records and the 'Project' albums." Specifics, including guests, are aspects that Parsons intends to keep secret for now."

[Source: Frontiers Music Srl]

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