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CD/DVD Releases: New Tuner CD Out This Week

Posted on Thursday, June 07 @ 05:50:49 UTC by nightowl

As reported last week in the Isildurs Bane newsletter: "On June 4, a new CD by Tuner will see the light of day. It's called Pole and features Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter with a handful of interesting guests. [Newsletter editor Thomas Olsson] asked Pat Mastelotto about the new album and here's what he had to say:

'We tried to make a record that was more "played," did a lot of the writing at my place by starting with prepared piano (I had just got a used baby grand and it was so out of tune it made sense to do prepared stuff on it before I tuned it properly) so we recorded an hour or so of Markus and me playing, scraping, rubbing, playing inside with sticks and mallets and then chopped some phrases from that. You can hear an example of this on the cut "White Cake".

'Then we started building songs over that. After starting a few songs like that, we went in other directions, like sitting face to face with a cajon and guitar and improvising what became "Stalker," or processing some of my tom tom drumming through a vocoder. One of the most amazing songs on the record, "IMUR," was started with a soundscape Markus did while Sirenee ad lib-ed vocals to test the mic. It was so good we later built a track around her vocal improvs.

'Lots of fun stuff for us in the process of making the record!'"

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