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Artist News: Jerry Marotta in Europe With Cides, Orleansky, And Bao

Posted on Thursday, June 07 @ 06:08:52 UTC by nightowl

Stick Center announces the next Jerry Marotta tour in Europe

The great drummer will be doing a tour that will have three parts: the first part will be in Spain with stickista Guillermo Cides; the second part will include the flamenco Spanish bassist Pepe Bao, a well known musician in this country, and the musicians will also play for a national broadcast on TV2. In the third part Marotta/Cides will join with Israeli stickista Irene Orleansky for concerts in Switzerland, Italy and France.

Jerry Marotta (USA) is one of the most renowned drummers today. His recordings with Peter Gabriel; Paul McCartney; Tears for Fears; King Crimson; Sheryl Crow; Sean Lennon; Suzanne Vega; Hall and Oates; Tony Levin; Ani Defranco; Joan Armatrading or Indigo Girls, to name only a few, brought him recognition as the drummer distinguished by his power, musicality and intricate tribal rhythms. A producer, singer and arranger, he has composed and recorded music for numerous albums and movie tracks, making a valuable contribution to the music industry.

Cides has played in various projects as well as his solo performances. He has been a guest artist at the shows of Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Rick Wakeman (Yes); Jethro Tull; Fish (Marillion); Roger Hodgson (Supertramp); California Guitar Tr?o; John Wetton; and recorded with such musicians as Tim Alexander (Primus), Trey Gunn (King Crimson) and Emmett Chapman. He has released three albums, including the brilliant The Bach Tribute, the album of Bach music performed solely on the Chapman Stick.

Orleansky is a classically educated musician. She participated in many diverse musical projects - from directing the choir of Gregorian and Renassaince music in the monastery in France to playing and singing in a popular band in Russia. Though in general Irene's style can be quilified as pop music, her ethnically influenced tunes and multilingual lyrics create the spicy atmosphere of the Middle East.

Pepe Bao is the bassplayer more knowledge in Spain, popular for his technique on the bass. Bao have hundred of fans through his band O'Funk'illo, and actually he play with the flamenco singer Raimundo Amador and Medina Azahara band.

Undoubtedly, a luxurious combination!

MP3: "Sleepless" (K. Crimson) preview by Marotta (voice) / Cides (Stick)

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