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CD/DVD Releases: Muse-Wrapped Records' Jack Foster III Set To Release 'Tame Until Hungry'

Posted on Saturday, June 09 @ 17:35:35 UTC by nightowl

After critical acclaim for his sophomore release Raptorgnosis, Jack Foster III returns with his third masterwork entitled Tame Until Hungry - a 13 song set featuring Foster's unique vocal and songwriting expertise. Foster's music crosses over to prog to rock to pop on this collection of tunes and remains a master of "different voices", demonstrating a powerful combination of pop sensibility combined with modern and adventurous song forms.

Give this guy Jack Foster an award of any kind. . . true epic music that will never die. - Melodic.net

Given a chance, Jack Foster could be a name in progressive music in years to come. - Prognaut

This is the level of acclaim with which Jack Foster III's debut album Evolution Of Jazzraptor (2004) was received by the European press corps [though ProgNaut is based in the US -ed.]. This buzz has made the young California singer/songwriter a hot commodity in art rock circles, and then earned him world-wide distribution for his follow-up masterwork entitled Raptorgnosis (2005), which was also greeted with acclaim:

... moments of sheer power and brilliance ... all woven into a musical montage that is unique and entertaining. - Music Street Journal

So it's about time that someone leads the path into more down to earth notions of progressive rock; there is no doubt that Jack Foster has created an act to follow. - YtseJam

Joining Foster once again for his third release Tame Until Hungry are veteran producers Trent Gardner (Magellan, Explorer's Club) and Robert Berry (3, GTR, ELP) adding their cutting edge studio techniques to Jack's sophisticated compositions. Gardner and Berry have worked with members of every major icon in the progressive music genre from Dream Theater to Yes to Jethro Tull. You will find an extra special treat on Tame Until Hungry - a Cole Porter tune titled "Every Time We Say Goodbye" performed by Foster?s former singing group Full House featuring San Francisco Opera star Cliff Romig. Tame Until Hungry is an exceptional third release that should not be overlooked!

Jack Foster III - Tame Until Hungry
Release Date: June, 2007

Track Listing

1. No Tears Left For Cryin' 5:20
2. The Solution 7:32
3. Civilized Dog 3:32
4. One Dark Angel 4:03
5. Mourning Glory 5:02
6. Bloodstone 5:17
7. Broken Hallelujah 5:34
8. Heart And Mind 5:47
9. Inside My Mind 5:17
10. Limbo And Flux 5:07
11. Rainbow Asylum 5:02
12. Every Time We Say Goodbye 3:19

Album Info

Jack Foster III ? Tame Until Hungry
All music performed by Jack Foster III, Trent Gardner and Robert Berry
Jack Foster III - guitars and vocals (plus harmonica on "Civilized Dog")
Trent Gardner - keyboards and vocals
Robert Berry - bass and drums (plus additional guitar in the "Broken Hallelujah" war scene!) (plus "Hallelujah" vocal on "Broken Hallelujah")

Additional musicians:
Andy Eberhard - drums on "Civilized Dog", "The Solution", and "Every Time We Say Goodbye"
Ross Gualco - piano and keyboards on "Every Time We Say Goodbye"
David Hipshman - sax on "One Dark Angel"
Recorded at Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California by Robert Berry
Mastered at Fantasy Records in Berkeley, California by George Horn
Released by: Muse-Wrapped Records, LLC

Tame Until Hungry is powered by Hipsolve Media, LLC at http://www.hipsolve.com.

[Source: Serge Entertainment PR]

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