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CD/DVD Releases: Free Album By The Jazz Mutants Posted Online

Posted on Tuesday, June 26 @ 20:59:39 UTC by nightowl

Free album by The Jazz Mutants (side project band of Steve Unruh) posted at www.steveunruh.com.

Writes Steve, "Now that I've completed my two huge music projects of the past couple of years (the feature film, Air, and my solo album, The Great Divide), I've had a little time to tie up a few musical loose ends. The latest news is that I finally got around to properly mixing an album by The Jazz Mutants.

"The Jazz Mutants were a jazz/rock quartet I assembled back in 2002. We recorded an album, but we were never happy with the mix. Well, five years have passed and technology and my mixing skills have both improved, so I was finally able to create a new mix that everybody's happy with. And, in fine tradition for my website, we're posting the album for free download. Hi-fi 256 kbps mp3 files, plus artwork, are available at the following link: www.steveunruh.com/cds/mutantpage.html

"(The album is also easy to find using the "Free mp3" link at the top of all pages on www.SteveUnruh.com.)"

The Jazz Mutants are/were: Kirk Scott - guitars (Vega, Stratocaster), Joe Regier - guitar (Telecaster), Steve Unruh - drum kit, violin, mandolin and Kyle King electric bass (Precision). The tracklisting for the Jazz Mutants digi-album (eAlbum?) is:

1. Cop Show Samba
2. Tiny Bear's Waltz
3. Violin Sorbet
4. Almond's Ale
5. CountrySlide
6. Spiral Seven
7. Smooth Joe's
8. La Matanza
9. June Bug

[Steve also appears on the just released benefit CD One World Tapestry available now from www.musearecords.com; the track "InstruMental Breakdown" is the featured from Invisible Symphony -ed.]

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