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CD/DVD Releases: Twelfth Night Gigs, New CD

Posted on Wednesday, June 27 @ 02:18:04 UTC by nightowl

In pursuing details of a posting to the Pallas newsgroup, Eyes In The Net, we have some Twelfth Night news to catch up on. The posting itself concerned a warm-up gig that Andy Sears (vocals) and Clive Mitten (bass) will play on November 17, 2007 at The Peel in Kingston, UK as Jan Six and the Cryptic Clues. This warm-up comes ahead of a pair of upcoming live performances, the dates not yet announced. "Show will roughly be 2.5 hours long and is a warm-up for two main gigs which will be recorded hopefully for CD/DVD. Material will range from Fact And Fiction through to XII/Corner Of The World tour with perhaps a wee instrumental from the early days," says the posting.

The detail-hunt lead to learning that a new CD, Voices In The Night was scheduled to be released May 21, 2007 by Cyclops. Brian Devoil (drums) wrote at the/a Twelfth Night website, "Well it's been a long, long time coming ? but at last we are delighted to tell you about the release of our new CD Voices In The Night. This is the long-awaited compilation featuring all of the people that sang with us during our career, namely Electra [McLeod], Geoff [Mann], Andy, and Martyn [Watson], plus a couple of people with whom we recorded but who never actually joined the band ? and all this on one CD!

"All of the tracks featured are proper studio recordings ? with none previously released on a TN CD before. In fact only 'Piccadilly Square' has had a CD release (on Mannerisms) and the Electra tracks have only ever seen release as part of the Twelfth Night - Early Material cassette we released as long ago as 1980!

"[...] Of course, as we knew that you would want us to make it a really special release, we have dug deep into our archives to find some real rarities, which we have included on a bonus CD. An extra 66 minutes of Twelfth Night performing live! Although only featuring the vocal talents of Geoff, Andy & Martyn, for reasons explained in more detail in the sleeve notes, we know that you will be thrilled by the tracks on it!

"For example it includes: - the ONLY recording we have of 'Not On The Map' ? the track that became 'Blondon Fair,' and the TWO remaining encores from Geoff's last show at the Marquee (only previously available on Recorded Delivery ? one of Andy Labrow's limited edition Geoff Mann CDRs) ? as well as the last song from the last-ever Twelfth Night show, at the Marquee in October 1987."


Disc One - STUDIO

1. Cunning Man 4:50
2. Abacus 7:25
3. Keep The Aspidistra Flying 7:47

Ian Lloyd Jones
4. Late Night TV 4:21

Geoff Mann
5. Human Being 3:43
6. Fact And Fiction 4:00
7. Art And Illusion 4:20

8. Don't Make Me Laugh 3:46

Andy Sears
9. I Am 5:33
10. South Of The Wind 3:13
11. White Glass 4:04
12. Piccadilly Square 6:28

Martyn Watson
13. Turning 3:25
14. Happening 3:24
15. A Tiny Everything 4:04
16. Zootime 4:26

Total Running Time: 75:48

Disc Two - LIVE

Geoff Mann
1. Art And Illusion 3:59
2. Aspidentropy 8:48
3. Not On The Map 4:58

Andy Sears
4. Last Song 4:21
5. Blue Powder Monkey 4:58
6. Take A Look 11:12
Martyn Watson
7. Phantoms (On The Telephone) 4:54
8. Happening 3:23
9. A Tiny Everything 3:57
10. Turning 3:22
11. Zootime 4:21

Geoff & Andy
12. Love Song 7.42

Total Running Time: 66:23

Line up:

Rick Battersby - Keyboards
Brian Devoil - Drums and percussion
Clive Mitten - Bass
Martyn Watson - Bass, Voice
Andy Revell - Guitar
Electra - Voice
Ian Lloyd-Jones - Voice
Geoff Mann - Voice
Andy Sears- Voice

Note: Item updated July 4, 2007

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