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CD/DVD Releases: Unicorn Digital Announce The Release of Junk Farm's Ugly Little Thing

Posted on Wednesday, June 27 @ 02:23:23 UTC by nightowl


Founded in summer 2001 by keyboarder Berthold Fehmer and guitarist Benjamin Schippritt. During a boring student party they had the idea to form the best jazz-trio of the Ruhrgebiet in Germany. With Michael Sticken the perfect man behind the drums was found. Although the band has a strong jazz attitude, their metal roots turned the whole thing into something different - the Fusion-Trio-From-Hell!

Junk Farm combines Jazz and Funk with hard Metal-riffs. Marvellous melodies and dissonant harmonies alternate. Very often their driving grooves move across broken measures. Always in search of the perfect musical "kick", they create a modern sound that keeps its distance to the Dancefloor-two-chord-only-monoculture as well as to those Jazz- and Rock-traditionalists. A sound that breaks all the borders between demanding, experimental compositions and catchy tunes with ease, spiced with caustic-sarcastic lyrics.

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