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Concerts: Hawkwind Prepares To Hit The Road

Posted on Monday, November 12 @ 03:59:19 UTC by nightowl

Psychedelic space rock band Hawkwind will hit the road again in December with a spectacular new show, Space Days.

Famous for their multi-media extravaganzas, combining a unique mix of psychedelia, theatre, dance and lights, Hawkwinds's new show promises to take fans to another dimension. Classic favorites will be merged with new material, in a futuristic voyage of discovery. Tim Blake, legendary synth player for both Hawkwind and Gong will be joining the craft for this mission.

Commented Hawkwind drummer Richard Chadwick: "We are returning to deep space. The band's legacy has always been nailed to the stars. We turn once more to the void and embrace it. New backdrops and lighting design, in tandem with mime artistry and dance are all in preparation. The band rehearsals are featuring new songs and arrangements plus material from the archives unsung for many centuries. On board the craft, crew morale is high and our creative engines of love are churning and whining in joyous cacophony. See you people on tour."

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