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Festival News: Radio Massacre International Plugs Into NFX

Posted on Tuesday, November 20 @ 03:20:00 UTC by nightowl

As one of the premier electronic bands performing today, England's Radio Massacre International has a long history of playing "in the moment" and is capable of just about anything. After 15 years and more than 25 albums, the band is continues to look over the horizon to broaden their craft. Their latest release, Rain Falls In Grey (Cuneiform) is "a prog album for those who get itchy at the thought of electronic music." A tribute to former Pink Floyd leader Syd Barrett, the album shows them adapting to a rock band format using the spirit of Syd to channel one of the best albums in their catalog. Having first performed in the USA at ProgWest in 2002, the buzz resulted in three performances at The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia. Their rendition of "Rain Falls In Grey," performed in November 2007 while at Orion Studios, left the audience stunned; unaware that such power could exist within electronic music. RMI uses an arsenal of analog equipment, ranging from Moogs to Mellotrons to sequencers to Fender Rhodes, to create their sonic blanket of sound. RMI promises to present a very special show to the NEARfest audience and we are very excited to feature them at NFX.

[Source: NEARfest]

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