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CD/DVD Releases: New CDs From Egg Archive From Burning Shed

Posted on Sunday, November 25 @ 21:24:25 UTC by nightowl

Formed in 1967 at the height of the UK psychedelic scene, Uriel were Steve Hillage (guitar/vocals), Dave Stewart (organ), Mont Campbell (bass/vocals) and Clive Brooks (drums). Stewart subsequently became a leading light of the "Canterbury scene" bands Hatfield and the North & National Health. When Hillage left the band Uriel continued as an organ trio and later changed their name to Egg; one of the most fearsomely complex and musically inventive groups ever to confront an audience, Egg toured the UK extensively and recorded three highly acclaimed albums (Egg, The Polite Force and The Civil Surface) before breaking up in 1972.

Burning Shed are pleased to announce the release of two new CDs from the Egg archive:

The Metronomical Society by Egg, a collection of live and studio recordings made by the Stewart / Campbell / Brooks trio between 1969 and 1972. The CD features archive recordings unheard for nearly 40 years, including a sizeable segment of Egg's last Roundhouse concert. Also included are superior versions of selections from the band's radio sessions, material previously only available on poor-quality bootlegs. The Metronomical Society's foreword is written by the irrepressible Captain Sensible.

Arzachel Collectors Edition by Uriel is a re-mastered version of the legendary 1969 psychedelic extravaganza performed by the three Egg musicians with the amazing 17-year-old Steve Hillage on guitar. The CD also contains four unreleased, ultra-rare Uriel studio demos, a spoken-word message from the past and a live snippet recorded in 1968. Steve Hillage plays on two of these bonus tracks.

Both CDs last over an hour and ship in a full-colour digipak with a 20-page booklet telling the groups' histories in the musicians' own words, along with unique period photos and artwork.


Accompanying these CDs is Copious Notes, a 26,000-word companion booklet written by Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell and their close friend Antony Vinall. It tells the inside story of Uriel, Egg, Arzachel and the Ottawa Company and is crammed full of personal memoirs, anecdotes, short stories, random recollections, social observation, song lyrics and musical analysis, as well as a priceless collection of archive photos taken by Terry Yetton and the musicians themselves. An essential read for Canterbury and prog fans.

Dave Stewart says: "I'm delighted that the Egg tapes have come to light. The live recordings reflect exactly how the band sounded to me on stage, with a bite, attack and visceral power that our '70s studio albums failed to capture. Parts of Arzachel also give an accurate impression of what Uriel sounded like live; nearly 40 years on, it seemed like a good time to re-release it in its full psychedelic glory along with decent sleeve notes and our early demos. Copious Notes is probably the closest you can get to experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of our corner of the experimental / underground UK music scene of the late '60s."

R E L E A S E & S A L E S

The two CDs and companion booklet will be released exclusively through Burning Shed (an on-line label and store run by artists for artists) on December 7th, 2007 and can be pre-ordered now. A limited number of CDs personally signed by Uriel and Egg will also be available - to avoid disappointment, it's advisable to pre-order these without delay!

Arzachel Collectors Edition by Uriel (2007, Egg Archive CD69-7201)
The Metronomical Society by Egg (2007, Egg Archive CD69-7202)
Copious Notes by Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell and Antony Vinall (companion booklet, 2007) - the inside story of Egg, Uriel, Arzachel & The Ottawa Company.

Order your copies now from www.burningshed.com
Group website www.egg-archive.com.

[Source: Burning Shed]

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