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CD/DVD Releases: Metal Mind To Release Deivos' and Retribution's Debuts

Posted on Monday, December 10 @ 00:20:37 UTC by nightowl

Metal Mind Productions proudly presents the worldwide release of Deivos' debut album Emanation From Below and Retribution's Made In Hell. Both will be released on the 21st of January 2008 in Europe and the 18th of March 2008 in the USA (via MVD).

Deivos formed around 1997/98 by guitarist Tomasz Kolcom (known from the band Engraved), Maciej Nawrocki (g) and Marcin Gorniak (vocal) and recorded its first demo in 1999, Praised By Generations. But only after completing the line-up in 2000 with Krzysztof Saran (from Abusiveness, drums) and Jarek Pienkos (bass) was the band ready to start working on the proper debut, which began in 2001. At the end of 2001, Nawrocki and Gorniak left, with Pienkos taking over vocals in addition to his bass duties. In 2003, the band recorded an EP called Hostile Blood. With this release Deivos gained much acclaim in the metal underground. The label Butchery Music released this mini album in Autumn 2003. In 2004 guitarist Mscislaw from Abusiveness completed the band's line-up. It took Deivos nearly 10 years to complete its first full-length album, which was ultimately recorded in Jan/Feb 2006 at renowned Hertz Studio, but the results are worth the wait. The material shows a multi-dimensional death metal attack distinguished by original ideas, brutal strength and astonishing technical perfection. It's Polish death metal at its best! m/.

Tracklist for Emanation From Below:

1. Blackness Incarnate
2. No Father Of Mine
3. Realm Of Desecration
4. War March
5. Divine Defilement
6. Battle For Dominance
7. Hatebound

Retribution are a thrash metal band formed in Poland in 1999. Most of the band's members played in other bands before (Velvet Thorns, Serpentia, Sad Kingdom) but Retribution is, and always will be, for them the undisputable number one. In 2002 the band released a 4-track demo, Self-immolation Factor. After a few years they decided to record material for the debut full-length LP entitled Made Un Hell. In the meantime, they played innumerable concerts at small pubs as well as at big festivals. Unleashing hell is their fate! And today Metal Mind Productions presents a worldwide edition of Made In Hell. As the title suggests, you can expect a huge dose of extreme metal music. Powerful vocals, crashing guitar riffs and strong rhythms - it's all there! As the band say: "our primary goal is to kick ass!" Made In Hell presents a rising star of Polish thrash metal!

At the moment, Retribution is working on brand new material. Obviously, they still play gigs?


1. Humanproof
2. Made In Hell
3. Snuff Sinematography
4. Radical Cuts
5. Ordinary Judas
6. Dealer Fuckin' Killer
7. Pitch Black Future
8. Logic Matchbox Horror
9. Com@Puterror
10. Dehumanized
11. Public Doctrines Proof
12. Snap Up Neurosis
13. Dirty Dogville

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