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CD/DVD Releases: Metal Mind Announces The Release Of Osada Vida's Debut

Posted on Saturday, December 15 @ 07:43:00 UTC by nightowl

Metal Mind Productions presents a special edition of the debut full-length album from one of the most interesting progressive rock bands ? Osada Vida. Three Seats Behind A Triangle is a concept album which draws from the tradition of ambitious rock distinctive of Yes, Porcupine Tree and Pain Of Salvation. The band reflects a wide variety of influences and styles: symphonic prog-rock, neo-prog, prog metal, alternative rock and metal. It's a great experience recommended for every fan of prog-rock. Remastered edition of the album includes 2 bonus tracks and will be available on 28th January 2008 in Europe and on 15th April 2008 in USA (via MVD).

Bio: In the beginning, there were two mates, Adam Podzimski and Lukasz Lisiak, who shared the same musical tastes. They persuaded their friend Blazej Kubica to join them. First music sessions, first songs. They did not choose their style: everything was born by itself. They accepted only one rule in music: there are no limits at all. Music means the pleasure of playing and the joy of listening. Sticking to this rule did the band much good. But there was still something missing... The sound wasn't complete.

Rafal Paluszek soon appeared, listened to their music and decided to join the band. Osada Vida had its first inhabitants. The whole was completed by a singer Magda Hajda and a lead guitarist Luca Juraszek. Even if they all were different, they understood each other very well. This unique understanding helped them to create their own melodies and their own sound. Each member brought with himself something different into the band and that's how Osada Vida mixture came into being. They released their sounds on three low profile albums: Critical Moment (2000), Heading For The Moon (2002) and, finally, Osada Vida (2004). A few people heard the last CD and, somehow, they affected Osada Vida's fate. Positive reviews, invitations for concerts, sold out CDs. Such things inspire, give new energy to create. But it doesn?t apply to everyone. Magda and Luca decided to leave the band and move towards different musical areas. There was a moment of hesitation for Osada Vida. A short break. Decision. And here came along Bartek Bereska. Young, talented, full of enthusiasm. And always somehow close to Osada. They started to play together. It really worked out! So now there are four of them.

Their first concert together was really fulfilling. Soon after that, they started to work. New ideas blossomed and new sounds were born. Finally, Three Seats Behind A Triangle was released. Every day brought something new. Osada Vida welcomes those who have an open mind and want to listen to sounds without labeling them.


1. The Passion
???1st Seat ? Driving Desires To Become The Aim
2. Pictures From Inside ? Part 1 ? Colours & Notes
3. Pictures From Inside ? Part 2 ? Unlimited Mind
4. The Decision
???2nd Seat ? And Desires Are The Most Delicious Things Of Routine
5. Devotion ? Part 1 ? After Hours
6. Devotion ? Part 2 ? Flying Time
7. Tension Blossoms
???3rd Seat ? Constant Rhythm Of Routine Makes All Dreams Unaware
8. Everyday Ltd.
9. Boiling Point
10. Bitterly Disappointed
11. The Rebirth Of Passion

Bonus tracks:

12. In (s) Thru Mental
13. ... And Don't Shut The Door

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