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CD/DVD Releases: Metal Mind Announce The Release Of Thy Disease's ''Rat Age''

Posted on Saturday, December 15 @ 21:15:00 UTC by nightowl

We might very well term this "Metal Mind Week," given the news postings that have come in a flurry... Nevertheless, Metal Mind Productions presents Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses) by Thy Disease - one of the most promising bands on the extreme metal scene in Poland. Thanks to the previous releases: Devilish Act Of Creation, Cold Skin Obsession & Neurotic World Of Guilt, Thy Disease quickly won themselves appreciation of both fans and the media. The band's fourth full-length offering Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses) is a concept album which tells a story of the demise of civilization and steps beyond the last days of mankind. The album makes for a unique combination of death metal and cold avant-garde electronic sound.

The worldwide release of Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses) will be available on 21st January 2008 in Europe and 18th March 2008 in USA (via MVD).

Bio: Thy Disease was formed in 1999 in Krakow, Poland. The first demo called Art Of Decadence, recorded in December the same year, consisted of four songs composed by Yanuary. Additionally, the album included a cover of Madonna's song "Frozen," which featured Anna Wojtkowiak as the female vocalist. The demo Art Of Decadence became quite well known in the Polish underground and got very positive reviews. In December 1999 Thy Disease won the second prize at "Metal Millenium Party" - a metal contest for new talents in Krakow.

In September 2000 the band recorded a new 2-track promo. These songs appeared on the new mini album along with a remastered song from their first demo. In January 2001 Thy Disease slightly changed its line-up. Marcotic from Crionics became the new bass player and Cube took over the keyboards. Soon after that, Thy Disease signed a recording contract with a Polish label Metal Mind Productions and entered the studio. The band's debut full-length album entitled Devilish Act Of Creation was released in 2001. Later the same year, the band was voted the best Polish debut act by the readers of Polish edition of Metal Hammer magazine. In March 2002 Thy Disease played a concert at Metalmania, the biggest metal festival in Poland. They shared the same stage with Paradise Lost, Cannibal Corpse, Moonspell and Tiamat. In May Pinnoccio left the band and Alizee 666 joined the group.

The follow-up to their debut, the album Cold Skin Obssesion, was released in September 2002. As a part of the promotion of the album, the band played a concert in Krakow TV studio along with Vader, Krisiun and Decapitated. This gig was recorded and released as Thy Disease's first official DVD. The material called Extreme Obsession Live includes bonus materials, such as unreleased songs from the first demo or a cover of Vader's "Sothis."

In the winter 2003/2004 Thy Disease was recording its third album entitled Neurotic World Of Guilt. The album got very enthusiastic reviews from various music magazines. It was also the last album released for Metal Mind Productions as a part of the recording deal. In the following months the group played many gigs promoting the new release. In the meantime, Alizee 666 left the band and Cloud became the new drummer. Thy Disease played dozens of concerts promoting the album in the Western Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and of course in Poland.


1. Prophecy
2. Earth Will Shake
3. Enemies
4. Antidote
5. Life Form
6. Syndicate
7. Fire Storm
8. Rat Age
9. Unity (bonus track)

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