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Artist News: Axemaster Announces New Band Member

Posted on Saturday, December 22 @ 18:28:13 UTC by nightowl

"Axemaster would like to introduce the newest member of the band, vocalist Dan Kaisk has replaced Christopher Michael as the front man. Dan has an extremely powerful voice that fits the band's style PERFECTLY, a very welcome addition to the project. The move was made just in time to allow him to be featured on the upcoming Axemaster CD, which will make the release all the more kick ass!!!!!!!!!!! To hear a short demo clip that's an example of Dan's style/sound, go to www.myspace.com/thebandaxemaster.

"After several delays and technical problems, the band's once again moving forward with their new recording. 14 songs of pure traditional power/thrash with an original twist. Chamber Studio is creating an excellent product which will surely allow Axemaster to become a major force in the underground!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Source: Joe Sims, Axemaster]

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