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Concerts: Genesis Reunion Tour Re-Rescheduled

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 23 @ 18:35:32 UTC (0 reads)

In a further update to our item posted - wow, last April! - the tour dates for Genesis' "The Last Domino?" tour were rescheduled again. Of course, due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are the new dates as of 1/23/21

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Concerts: Genesis Reunite To Tour

Posted by admin on Monday, April 27 @ 17:18:55 UTC (2984 reads)

You might have thought it escaped our notice that Genesis - well, 3/5ths of Genesis - have plans to reunite and tour. It did not. It just failed to travel down our arms, to fingers, to keyboard. Dates have been announced - but whether Covid19 has other plans... We shall think positively!

So yeh, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks will tour together as Genesis under the banner The Last Domino? ("The Last Domino" being a song on their Invisible Touch album released in 1986 - god, I feel old).

The tour will hit the UK only... though one can always speculate that if the tour goes well, tickets sell (one show is already sold out!) and all, well, who knows what 2021 could bring.

Current tour dates are below and on our Event Calendar [tour rescheduled, see further below for new dates -ed].

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Concerts: Ayreon To Perform Live In 2017 (Already Sold Out!), Plus New Album Planned

Posted by admin on Saturday, November 26 @ 17:19:23 UTC (5640 reads)

While the tickets have all sold out in the short period of time between announcement and our posting of this news item, Ayreon will perform live for the first time ever as Ayreon Universe, performing the best of Ayreon (presumably new material as well, as there is a new album being recorded; more on that below).

The now sold-out dates are: September 15, 16 and 17, 2017 at the Poppodium 013 in Tilburg, NL.

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Concerts: Haken Announce 10th Anniversary 2017 European Tour; "Aquarius" & "Visions" R

Posted by admin on Saturday, November 26 @ 16:02:26 UTC (5836 reads)

Haken celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2017, hot on the heels of the release of their critically acclaimed fourth album Affinity. Coinciding with this, the band will go out on a headline tour of Europe in March & April. Tickets went on sale November 23.

InsideOutMusic will also be reissuing the band’s first two albums, Aquarius & Visions, on the 3rd February 2017 in new remastered 2CD editions, as well as vinyl for the very first time.

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Concerts: Glass Hammer To Perform In Europe For First Time Ever

Posted by admin on Saturday, November 26 @ 11:37:12 UTC (5335 reads)

As reported earlier this week via Prog and Glass Hammer themselves: "US proggers Glass Hammer will perform their first ever European live show when they headline Italy's 2 Days Of Prog + 1 Festival in September 2017.

"This will be band's first European dates in their near quarter century existence. 'We are approaching the twenty-fifth anniversary of Glass Hammer in 2017 and headlining the Veruno Festival seems a very good way to celebrate,' bassist Steve Babb told Prog. 'The band is planning to perform our new release Valkyrie in its entirety, along with other songs from the back catalog that have never been performed live. We’re also headlining Quebec’s Terra Incognita Festival in May, and hope to add more dates in the near future.' [Prog]

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Concerts: Rhapsody To Reunite On Tour In 2017

Posted by admin on Friday, November 25 @ 15:26:19 UTC (5187 reads)

If you recall, some years ago there was a band called Rhapsody. They changed their name to Rhapsody Of Fire in 2003 due to some sort of name-conflict with the Rhapsody music service. Then the band split in 2011 ... but in the unusual way of splitting into two, not just all going their separate ways. Rhapsody Of Fire continued with some members, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody with others (noticeably, of course, Luca Turilli, Rhapsody's/ROF's main composer). That's the rather spotty "Cliff Notes" version of the "story so far." Each thread has released music since the cleaving -- ROF with Dark Wings Of Steel (2013) and Into The Legend (2015); LTR with Ascending To Infinity (2012) and Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus (2015) (a reissue called Prometheus, The Dolby Atmos Experience + Cinematic And Live is due on December 9, marking the first studio album remixed in Dolby Atmos - we'll talk about that later).

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Concerts: Intromental Worldwide Presents: Progressive Aspects Tour 2017

Posted by admin on Friday, November 25 @ 12:21:21 UTC (4822 reads)

As shared by Intromental on November 23: "Having 3 bands like Wolverine, Until Rain and Lost In Thought, teaming up for a European tour, you're in for a prog-show, in the true meaning of covering the full spectrum of the genre. Be it Wolverine's ambient and tranquil approach, Until Rain's more bombastic but also darker type of prog to the Dream Theater-ish technical angle of Lost In Thought, it's all there. A night, you won't want to miss, no matter which sub-genre, you prefer.

"Wolverine - Sweden:

"Wolverine recently released their 5th album, and have received great reviews from the press and fantastic feedback from the fans. The band has evolved from being a death metal act in the early days, to an ambient and melodic kind of progressive band. It's definitely in the softer area of the metal genre, but the emotion, the band creates, has an extremely high impact, when the ideas settle in the minds of the listener.

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Concerts: Marillion To Headline Friday Night At Be Prog! My Friend 2017

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 08 @ 13:35:15 UTC (3627 reads)

British Prog Rockers Marillion Join Tull, Anathema, Ulver And More On Barcelona 2017 Bill

As posted at Prog magazine's website - and shared by Marillion - "Marillion have been announced as the Friday night headliner at this [coming] year's Be Prog! My Friend festival in Barcelona.

"The UK prog rockers, currently riding high in the charts with new album FEAR, the band's highest charting UK album since 1987's Clutching At Straws will perform on Friday June 30. They join fellow headliners Jethro Tull, who perform on Saturday July 1 and Ulver, Anathema, Animals As Leaders and Caligula's Horse who have previously been announced.

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Concerts: Jethro Tull Announce Fall West Coast Tour Dates

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 15 @ 13:42:39 UTC (3313 reads)

In more touring news, Jethro Tull have announced a series of Fall tour dates where they will hit the West Coast of the US (dates below). Tull will also tour Germany (with one Switzerland date) in November and Ian Anderson will play some Christmas shows in December, then Tull are back in Europe in February 2017 for a few dates (these dates also listed below).

Joining Ian Anderson to perform the works of Jethro Tull are* Florian Opahle (guitar), David Goodier (basses), John O'Hara (orchestral conductor, piano, keyboards, accordion), Scott Hammond (drums, percussion), Ryan O'Donnell (vocals and stage antics), Unnur Birna Björnsdóttir (vocals, violin) and Greig Robinson (bass).

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Concerts: Yes Announce Japanese Mini-Tour

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 15 @ 12:29:23 UTC (3306 reads)

Yes announced a 6 date Japanese Tour for November 2016 today, where they will be playing Yessongs and Tales From Topographic Oceans sides 1&4.

Dates and ticket links:

Nov. 21, 22, 28 & 29: Tokyo Orchard Hall
Tickets: www.bunkamura.co.jp/engl…/orchard/kashi/20161121.html
- Nov. 24: Osaka Orix Theater
Tickets: www.orixtheater.jp/event/201611.php#1124
Nov. 25: Zepp Nagoya
Tickets: hall.zepp.co.jp/nagoya/schedule.html

Tickets also available via Udo Artists